Missing Album Art from NAS stored collection - OK from tidal

My system is as follows:

CPU is an ASUS w/ AMD A10-6700 w/ 8GB of RAM
Windows 10, Version 1703, OS Build 15063.674
64 bit machine
Running 64 bit Roon.
Auralic Aries Running firmware version 4.1.0
Music is stored remote NAS - WD MY Book Live - firmware MyBookLive 02.43.10-048: Core F/W

All of my Album art is missing = how to reload or refresh?

Music lists and plays fine -


I would have tried the Settings-Setup-Clear Image Cache first.
I suppose your library has been completely indexed before you lost your artwork?
Atb Mike

Hi @Todd_Strockoz ----- Thank you for the report and sharing your feedback with us, the insight is appreciated!

Moving forward, I would definitely give the recommendation made in @Mikael_Ollars’s post a go (i.e clearing your image cache) and furthermore, just to be sure I am understanding the issue correctly. You have no problems with TIDAL content and the missing artwork seems to be isolated only to your musical collection on the NAS, correct? Do you notice this issue on the core machine, as well as any active remote devices?


Tried clear cash - it rescanned and didn’t fix issue.

Eric correct fine with Tidal - not fine with NAS device music. Was completely indexed and now info is missing again.

Any further recommendations here?

Hi @Todd_Strockoz ----- Thank you for the follow up and giving the proposed test a shot. I appreciate you sharing the results of that troubleshooting exercise.

Moving forward, I am going to enable diagnostics on your account as this action will automatically generate/upload a diagnostics report directly to our servers containing a fresh set of your Roon logs when the application is launched on your core machine next. This will help our techs try to get a sense as to what could be causing this issue with your album art.

Furthermore, can you verify for me where your Roon backs are being saved if you are using this feature in our app?


I just had it restarted remotely.

What is the extension of the Roon back ups, I will search later and provide.


Yes using backups - saving here:


So I have done nothin on this end yet. Do you want me to run a backup? I do not have a ton of customizations made, so a re-install from scratch?

Hi @Todd_Strockoz ----- Thank you for touching base with me and my apologies for the slow response.

Moving forward, if backups of the database are being saved inside of the database, that will definitely causes problems. We’re aware that this has the potential to cause artwork issues and are discussing on how we can improve upon this in the future.

In light of the above, a good test to confirm this would be to try starting fresh and see how things hold up. With this in mind may I very kindly ask you to please perform the following:

  • Close all active instances of the application.

  • Open Windows Explorer on your core machine.

  • Click in the address area to the right of the text (makeing it active like typing in a web browser) and type: %localappdata%

  • Find your “Roon” folder in the “localappdata” directory and re-name it to Roon_Old.

  • Once re-named, launch the application, sign in, and configure a fresh install.

  • Please confirm how things hold up with a fresh DB in place.


Tip: I would highly recommend changing the location of where you store your Roon backups.