Missing Album Need Help

I have Auralic Altair and Teac NT-505 setup with Sonic Transporter for Roon, 6TB USB HDD connect to Sonic Transporter. Never have any problem and very happy lifetime Roon member. Now I setup second library ( international music) USB HDD 1TB to my Netgear router, setup network \readyshare\R_Drive. Both Lumin app and Lightning DS app have no problem to scan library, but Altair have 225 album, Teac have 221 album, missing 4 album, 2 of them DSD. Lightning DS have no problem to open 2 DSD album and play but Lumin app can not see 2 DSD album. Where another 5 album? Try to removed and re scan still the same Teac missing 4 album. I login to my router and access to HDD can not see the files either, I look everywhere my local network don’t see. Why Altair have the album and play? Thanks