Missing Album Track


I have an album track which is missing in Roon but is in the album file held on my NAS.

I’ve deleted the album from my NAS and forced a rescan, then copied it back to my NAS and scanned again. Still missing?

Driving me nuts as it’s my favourite track!

Any help would be appreciated.


Check the file tags. Make sure they all share the same album title, album attist etc.

Is this a regular album i.e. Recognisable as a purchase ? If not and it is a DIY album them some weird things can happen. I’ll explain depending on your answer.

Thanks for the response.

I’ve checked the file tags with Metadatics (Mac) and all are correct.

The album is Nils Lofgren Band Live so a standard download.

OK… Try this…

Remove (temporarily) the album folder from your watched folder.

Settings/clean up library (this scrubs that album from the database).

Copy the album folder back in.

If it does the same thing again then it really is something (as yet not found) peculiar to the missing track.

Try converting the album to another audio format and see if that barfs on the track at all.

Also, if you want to upload the album to dropbox and PM me a link. I’ll see if it does the same.

I run into this problem occasionally when buying songs on iTunes when the file has copywrite protection. It doesn’t happen often, so I usually forget about it and try rescanning, moving files in and out of the library, etc. If you “Get Info” on the file and it says something about being a “protected” file I don’t think there is a way to get Roon to recognize it. I could be wrong, so if you find a way to make it work and it is a protected file, I would love to know the secret.

I’ve tried everything suggested and even downloaded the file again from Quobuz but still the same issue.

Did you try manually identifying the album through the vertical dots icon > edit > Identify Album button? Often, many versions of an album are listed with varying track layouts.

Did you try this ?

Hi @Paul_Barrow ---- Thank you for the report and my apologies for the troubles. Are you able to send me the content via a dropbox download link in PM so we can try and reproduce in house?