Missing Albums, adding subfolder

In the above screenshot, the first path should have had Roon reveal all music in that directory, including subfolders. Yes / No?

The directory in question is on an external SSD connected to the Nucleus+ via USB

Nearly 2000 local songs were missing. They would NOT show up in Roon until I added the subfolder “Various Artists” as its own watched folder. Then Roon scanned and “found” them, though they were there all along.

I’m confused by this.

I am as well, I would expect it to scan all subfolders. In fact I just tried this with 6 levels deep in another thread, and it worked as expected

Most of my library is several levels deep

MusicLibrary/Classical/B/Beethoven/keyboard/Piano Sonatas/ CD1

Is typical, I never have any issues , odd ?

Is this a collection of “odd Tracks” or discrete albums, one thing could be if they are ALL on albums elsewhere they could be hidden

Try Settings>General>Show Hidden Tracks to YES

They theoretically should be duplicated

Hmm odd should scan all subfolders does for me

Yeah never did figure this out. I shouldn’t need to add subfolders separately but in this case I needed to.

I’ll keep digging but it’s bugging me. There’s no weird characters and the folder structure is not flat (e.g. Artist is in a File Folder, Album Title in a subfolder).

The main culprits seem to be compilation CD sets, and I know those can be tricky. But some of this stuff just isn’t showing up, even when I show hidden files.

It is a puzzler.