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I recently had some 7 SACD disks converted to both Stereo and MCH DSD files. The MCH album files are in a MCH folder otherwise the Artist folders are identical. No files are missing. Problem: For three of the albums Roon only displays the MCH version but not the Stereo version. I looked for skipped files and refreshed the import but no fix. Ideas?

Do you have show Hidden set to YES in Settings, It maybe that they are considered duplicates and kept under Versions.

Hi @Gerhard_Martan,

As Daniel suggested, do they show under the Versions tab?

If not, are you able to find them using the filter by path option?

That worked. It never occurred to me because 4 out of 7 showed up properly. I changed the album ID from Roon preferred to File preferred then turned show duplicates back off. Still good. Thanks.


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