Missing Albums - So Start Over Troubleshooting Smaller Group of Files

Roon Core Machine

Nucleus Rev B

Networking Gear & Setup Details

Netgear Orbi Router RBK53-100NAS & 1 Satellite
Netgear GS-108 Switch

Connected Audio Devices

8TB SSD Internal Storage
USB 3.0 2T Flash Drive for Nucleus Backup

Number of Tracks in Library

About 15,000

Description of Issue

I copied music files from my a SSD Drive (attached to my Lenovo laptop) to the internal storage of the Nucleus. Files copied via wifi connection.
The quantity of files on my Nucleus internal storage matches the number of files on the drive copied from.
Total albums shown in Roon does not match quantity on internal drive or drive files were copied from.
When I copied the files, I copied a large number before I realized some albums were not showing.
I want to start over again copying smaller groups so that I can determine what albums do not show and hopefully find out why.
I know I have to delete all files on the internal drive and reset the database. Is there anything I am missing to get back to a fresh data base file and clean internal storage? Is there a correct order steps for

Were both set to show the same thing in settings? Show hidden albums on/off?

Yes show hidden albums was turned on. Not sure what you mean by “Were both set to show the same thing in settings?” The number of files on Roon internal storage matched number of drive the files were copied from.

If you had show hidden on one bu not the other than the numbers wouldn’t match.

Before deleting anything, have you checked for skipped files under Settings > Library > Skipped Files?

Yes checked for skip files - none. Show hidden files set to yes. Both inside storage and original drive were set to show hidden files - none.
Thank you both for your suggestions.

So, I started over - re-formatted the internal storage and reset the data base. I copied 95 albums to the internal storage - Roon found 91. (All 95 albums showed on the internal storage and show hidden files was set to yes.) With the smaller number of albums to deal with, I found the 4 that Roon did not find. I couldn’t find anything obvious that made these albums different. I took a different CD drive (same software), re-ripped the 4 albums and substituted them for the ones that did not show. Happy ending - that solved the problem.

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