Missing Albums & Tracks after last 2 Roon Updates

I started to have several major problems after the September Roon Update.

Problem #1 Track Erosion - I have re-installed the roon core twice and this is what happens once roon opens: in overview it shows; 5,798 albums , 76,895 tracks, 1,411 artists - it scans my folders for new tracks and my tracks start to erode after scanning today I now have 3,342 albums, 54,483 tracks and 695 artists

Problem #2 New Tracks Not Importing. I have added about 300 tracks to my music folders and they will not import after forcing re-scan many times. The last time I was able to import an album was 27 days ago.

Problem #3 By This Artist -
A) Some artists will not show any albums in the right hand column below “By This Artists” but there are albums in the artists music folder
B) Most artists do not show all of the albums that are in the music folder

Please let me know how to fix these problems ASAP.

I am using a Sony Vaio Laptop as my core - It is 100% dedicated to Roon. My folders are on my NAS.

Vaio Specs:
Intel Core i7 CPU
Q740 @ 1.73 GHz
6.0 GB Ram
64-bit OS
Windows 7 Home Premium
Service Pack 1
500 GB SSD 348 GB Free

NAS Specs:
Drobo FS
5 Drives = 28 TB (25.47 TB Actual)

11.59 TB Used (4.168 Roon Tracks)
7.34 TB Protection
4.40 TB Free Space
2.12 TB Unallocated Space


Hello @David_Haaf,

Thanks for contacting support, I’d be happy to assist here.

Can you please let me know how your are mounting your Drobo in Roon? Are you using IP address, hostname or a USB connection? How is your network set up here? Please list the model/manufacturer of your router, any switches you have and how your Core and NAS are connected to the network.

Generally speaking, when the amount of tracks erode or albums are missing such as in your case, it can be often traced back to network instability or issues with the NAS itself. One such case of the NAS itself having a failing hard drive can be found in this thread (Slow to operate and skipping a lot [Solved]).

With that said, can you please try running a disk check on your Drobo to see if there are any bad sectors? I have found these instructions from Drobo’s support site. The behavior you’re describing here would also be consistent with a damaged cable, if you have another USB or Ethernet cable to facilitate the connection to the Drobo, can you please try to replace it to see if that resolves this issue? Please let me know your findings when possible.