Missing albums when connecting to iTunes

Hi… firstly, Roon seems great… I’m just having a few teething problems.

Set up:
Mac Pro with iTunes pointing to a Drobo connected via USB, where all the music is stored.

I firstly just connected to iTunes, but when ‘Adding Music To Library’ was complete, it had omittted an awful lot of complete albums… i.e., it had Loaded 2 Michael Jackson albums, when i actually have 4! This is happening with many artists, and for a lot of tracks!

I then reset the whole app and started again, this time pointing directly to the folder contain the music. But again… missing albums!

My first thought was that it was avoiding albums that contained a Music Video… (MP4 or m4v), but it has also omitted albums that don’t have videos, so that’s not it…

Finally, as I watched the ‘Adding Music To Library’ counting the files in, I noticed that the total number of tracks was counting down… i.e., “Of XXXXX tracks, YYYYY added, ZZZZZ identified” the XXXXX is reducing as I watch it, to about 2000 fewer tracks than i actually have in iTunes…

Any thoughts as to what I am doing wrong? Or is this a bigger issue?


Perhaps you have some DRM iTunes files? Roon does not support those.

Hi, thanks for the response…

I appreciate DRM files won’t work, but it’s not DRM files that are missing… just an awful lot of albums i ripped off CD…
For example, All my Pink Floyd CDs were ripped as ALAC from their box set, but only half of them have appeared in Roon.

My most recent (iTunes) import is the album No Romeo by Indiana, also ripped off CD, and she doesn’t appear at all !!

There are so many missing albums that I am at a loss…

Any more help would be fab, as this product looks totally awesome. It’s exactly what I’ve been waiting for… but with missing albums, I may have to put it on hold.



I’m sure we can work this out and figure out where these tracks are ending up. @kevin will be along shortly to run through some troubleshooting with you.

Hey @johngreen, PM’ing you shortly to grab logs…

Hey thats great… but i MAY have solved the problem !!

I have been going over my iTunes library, and have established why certain albums have not appeared in Roon.

The answer is, I think, that i have been re-ripping albums as ALAC files, because previously when hard disc space was expensive i had ripped albums at 256kbps. But in the mistaken belief that Sound Grinder (currently version 3.5.5) by Monkey-Tools, would give me a better rip that iTunes, THAT’S the software I’ve been using…

So to test, I have just converted an existing Sound Grinder ripped album in iTunes… and BOOM… there it is in Roon !!!

Until now, I have never had any issues… So the question is… What is that software doing to the files, that prevents Roon from reading them?

I can go back over the several hundred albums and re-rip from within iTunes: FILE/Create New Version/Create Apple Lossless Version, though it would be of great interest if you fancied testing the software yourselves and perhaps your expertise will spot why there’s a difference…

Something worth noting in any event…

I will begin re-ripping and get back to you with, I hope, a positive result!


Sounds like Sound Grinder ripped it to an unsupported format. I’ll follow up with you via PM to grab the media so we can have a look, thanks!

Hi… any news on what you reckon differs between iTunes ripped files and those of Sound Grinder and Fission? The later two not appearing in Roon…?



Passed your media on to the team John! It’s a reproducible issue and we’re working on it, don’t re-rip your collection just yet.

Hi Kevin.

Just so you know, Roon (build 8) now imports my Fission encoded files. Thankyou.
Just the Sound Grinder ones to go :smile:
Keep up the good work !!


Hi Kevin…

Did you ever get to the bottom of why Sound Grinder encoded files don’t show up in Roon? Still very interested to know…



Thanks Kevin…

All albums now present and correct in 1.1 :smile:


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