Missing albums when searching in Roon

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MacBook Air

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I am using my Qobuz subscription in Roon and when searching for particular artist albums Roon doesn’t show all the albums. When I perform the same search within the Qobuz app I get more results.

Hi @Paul_d_Anjou,

Can you share some screenshots of what you’re seeing? Do you already have albums from this artist in your library?

Hi Dylan,

See as an attachment the two examples where Roon shows as an search result 7 albums. When searching on Camel in the Qobuz app the search results shows 23 albums.

Ik don’t have any album from this artist in my library. At this moment I do not have any connection to an NAS or any other library in my own network.

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Following the ‘Camel’ link in the Qobuz app 14 albums are shown instead of 23 albums. So the Qobuz search results are also confusing. Within the Qobuz search results also ‘Camel’ playlists are shown.

Regards Paul

Qobuz have releases

from a Japanese band called Camel mixed in.

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Ok that explanes why both system show different results. Thanks for your quick support!

Regards, Paul

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