Missing artist photos? [resolution: add them using Art Director]

Hi need help to understand why the album artwork not being displayed on main page of genres, photo’s attached , e.g. Kenny Drew

Looks like Roon did not find an artist picture, I have a few like that, you can add an artist picture if you want?


Thanks Russ, how does one do that, also why is it random ?

Have a look at this thread.


If you click on the menu (the three dots under the name Kenny Drew in the image you’ve uploaded) and then click on edit, do you see the same as I see (below) ?

It looks like Roon has inserted a “blank” photo as the picture of the Artist.
I think I may have found a bug…

Hi, yes I see something similar, except there under photo it says no image .

Thanks, however not certain why Roon does not automatically pick up one of the images from the albums for the summary. It does it sometimes and sometimes not and that is vexing.

Here is what I see

Screen Shot 2017-02-19 at 2.33.54 PM

Screen Shot 2017-02-19 at 2.33.54 PM

this is what I see, thanks

Album cover art will be retrieved from your file tags, from the folders where you store your files, or from Roon’s metadata service.

Artist images, however, are only retrieved from our metadata service, and while our coverage is good, there are always going to be artists that are obscure enough that none of our metadata providers have artist images for them.

As mentioned above, you can always add artist images (or cover art). Just note that artist images are different from cover art.

Does that answer your question @Sanjiv_Sud?

Sounds logic, the use custom pictures for Artists which not have been found would make sense though


I can go and do this one by one, however it would be great Roon software automatically picks up an image from the albums for the summary, thanks

Hm, but that is not an Artist photo just an Album Art photo then!

couldn’t this be handled like album art ?
Additional to a “Folder.jpg” or “cover.jpg” we could have an “artist.jpg” in the directory folder containing the albums of the artist.

… just a thought.

An issue that would arise with this approach is that you could potentially end up with many different photos of the same artist scattered across multiple album folders. Which one should Roon choose to display?

I prefer the current approach of being able to supply Roon with an image file, if there is no image available from the metadata service(s).

Feel free to open a feature request, but we’d probably need to have a “gallery” feature for multiple artist images, in order for this to make sense.

Did you get any help with your issue? In the thread following your question, Roon seems to pass this off as occurring only with obscure artists, but that is not the case with me: Chuck Berry, Bruce Cockburn, 38 Special, Cage the elephant, and way too many more. This can’t be!!

What are the correct dimensions for adding full-banner artist artwork? It doesnt make sense to me to add artwork if you’re not going to get the full impact of the banner. But I waste too much time trying to reate the right image size to accomplish that - I am pretty good at ‘eye-balling’ the approx size, but still in many cases still cannot create banner art for many artists.
All/any help will be appreciated.

Here you go:


Thanks. I believe I have solved this problem providing more flexibility. Obviously, you want to begin with a more horizontal format, and of course more pixels, not less. But once the photo I want to use has been identified I’ve clicked thru to the source image (not the one on the source page), if needed I can use the View/Zoom In to enlarge the jpeg without much distortion, 2) If after trial the photo is still not sufficiently large to trigger a banner presentation in Roon, I use Apple’s provided Grab app to cut out a photo that is wider than the original. This will trigger Roon to create a banner presentation. Of course you also have the opportunity to add more black “framing” around the top or bottom as needed to lay in the “framed” jpeg as you wish.

I am also concerned - as is another - that Roon is replacing the new artist images I have chosen to substitute for what Roon uses as default. I have a large library and I am devoting considerable time to this, and it will be a nightmare if Roon continues to take down the photos I have substituted. I have checked and your software automatically checks the box saying I prefer “my image” vs. Roon’s, so this should not be happening. I am driven to make these substitutions because, frankly, Roon’s default artist photos are very dated, there are gaps and many are not banners.

Thanks for your consideration.