Missing Artist Photos [resolution: use Art Director]

I have about 40-50% of artists without photos. Is there a plan to fill in the missing pictures? Is it the users’ responsibility, a shared responsibility with Roon, or what? Can Roon provide access to higher quality pics even if we have to do the hunting?

And, if we have manually inserted a better artist pic in our library, will Roon overwrite that one if it finds a yet better pic?

Summary question: does Roon regard these artist lists and pics as essentially finished?

Roon needs to do better in this department. In the event they cannot simply trawl search results, pick something and use it (I’m guessing likely due to copyright) we should be able to have a designated folder in the server and a naming convention to identify the artist and artwork for Roon to ingest. At present it ingests and it disappears into the ether, if you have a database mishap for whatever reason it’s all gone (unless you’ve taken a backup). As a workaround I keep all self-sourced images for Roon in a designated folder on my local drive.

I just add my own pics to Artists I know Roon won’t find images for… They are not mainstream artists.

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Art Director is the way to resolve these problems.

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