Missing artist Tuba Skinny

I have 10 albums from Tuba Skinny, unfortunately Roon doesn’t recognize any of them, or the band. Hopefully this will change.

Do you have any of the albums listed here: https://musicbrainz.org/artist/5cfa6d68-e1f1-493a-a086-20411858a70f ? If so, those should appear in Roon - it usually picks up info from musicbrainz. :thinking:

Yes, all of those, and they’re not matched in Roon. @support

Hi @mikeb,

Let’s take a look at one specific example album — This should help us better understand what you’re experiencing here.

For one of these albums, please post details about the album using this post as a guide.


The albums are in Musicbrainz but not allmusic or Roon. I’m not sure of the relationship between these databases, or if and how they sync. I am happy to submit an update, but how and to whom?

Hey @mikeb. We have all of the Tuba Skinny albums from MusicBrainz in our database. There are a number of reasons why we might not auto-identify. Quick question: have you tried manual identification of these albums?

Thanks Joel, I’ve done a manual identification and they’ve come up. Just the artists bio is missing, and the latest album released yesterday, lol.


I would expect the new album to be picked up soon, assuming someone enters it into MusicBrainz. Quite surprising that none of our other metadata providers has this band :confused: . Are these guys Bandcamp only?

FYI, we don’t have a bio…

I’m not sure if they’re Bandcamp only… they’ve been around since 2009, and also sell physical CD’s. MusicBrainz has a band bio, I don’t know if this will replicate at some point too, would be nice. Thanks for your help @joel.

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