Missing artwork

Core Machine (linux/1.7 571)

Hi I am missing artwork for a number of artist. I’ve clear the image cache but its still the same.
can i get some help with filling in the missing artwork.


Roon does not have a pic for every artist. However, you can add your own. Grab a pic of the artist, go to the artist, click Edit, go to Photo, click Add Image, then drag and drop the artist image you want.

can you tell me what the criteria for roon is to pick up the artist images?
one of the examples above The Whitest Boy Alive isnt a very obscure artist and is picked up for example by plex.


Roon scrapes an online database for the images, so if the image isn’t there then Roon won’t show it either. I believe the database is Allmusic.com. A lot of artist images for me were missing as well - I’ve been adding them manually as per the instructions above.

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