Missing Band and Recordings

I have tried to save Prefab Sprout as a favourite artist but they do not show up in favourites.

In addition, while five albums are in my library, they do not appear under the band’s listing. Further, if I make one of those albums favourites, they are also invisible.

The albums on my hard drive should be hidden, because I wish to use the high res versions on Qobuz, which are saved and visible as Qobuz favourites, as is the band.

If anyone can help, I’d be grateful and I can provide further information, if that will help.


Thanks so much for taking a moment to share this. We’re sorry about the trouble :sweat:

If I understand correctly, you’re discussing two issues relating to the same band (Prefab Sprout).

1. I have tried to save Prefab Sprout as a favourite artist but they do not show up in favourites.
Have you done this in Qobuz? If so, can you please navigate to Settings → Services → Qobuz and click force sync? Does the artist appear in Roon?

2. five albums are in my library, they do not appear under the band’s listing

These five albums, are they from your local library, or Qobuz or both? If hidden, local albums should not show up. You can easily check on those albums by using Focus: under the Inspector criterion, choose hidden. All hidden albums should show up.

If you could please add some screenshots to illustrate the issue, it would be most helpful :nerd_face:


Thanks so much for addressing this issue.

  1. The band is saved in Qobuz and shows as saved in Roon but does not come up in my Roon saved artists selection.

  2. The five albums are saved and hidden in my own library and saved in Qobuz. The individual Qobuz albums are showing as saved but not when I click on the artist’s discography.

I hope that this makes sense and will attach some screen shots soon.

These shots should be a good start. Please let me know if you need more.


I have been playing around. The issue relates to hidden files.

When I hide library albums, the Qobuz equivalents are also hidden. If I want to see them, I need to unhide both library and Qobuz files. Then, the artist also re-appears.

This is affecting anything that I now hide. I have been trying to establish whether it is also hitting albums hidden in the past and that is definitely happening, at least in some cases.

Thanks as always


Thanks so much for keeping me in the loop and for being this patient. I’m glad it was an opportunity for you to explore Roon.

Let’s first talk about the artist (Prefab Sprout) not showing up in your Roon favorites. I wanted to clarify that when you favorite an artist in Qobuz, it is simply added to your Roon library (it will show up under Artists). However, favoriting an artist in Qobuz will not also favorite it in Roon. This is why, when focusing just on the favorited artists, Prefab Sprout does not show up. You also have to favorite it in Roon. This article discusses favorites in more detail:

Can you please try favoriting the artist (Prefab Sprout) in Roon, and then take a look at just your favorites (the heart icon filter)?

Another thing worth noting is that Discography (your final screenshot) is not meant to show your albums from that artist - that’s what Overview does - rather to show you what other albums this artist you like has released and are available from the sources connected in Roon. One of our users illustrates it here:

If I understand correctly, what you’re trying to achieve is to have Roon display and play the Qobuz version of the albums from Prefab Sprout, all the while having your own local albums for the artist available. I’m not sure that hiding those albums is the best solution. I wanted to propose this:

  • unhide the albums
  • if Roon does not group the Qobuz and local versions by default, group them yourself (under the Versions tab of the album)
  • make primary the Qobuz version, so Roon will default to it anytime you want to listen to that album
  • your local versions will be available under the versions tab

I believe that reading Mike’s (our product manager) explanation on how the versions tab works would be very helpful at this point:

Cheers :blush:


Thank you so much for taking the time to solve my issue. Choosing the primary version achieves my goal.

I have a couple of observations regarding your comments, which might be useful for future reference.

I had marked Prefab Sprout as a favourite in Roon (icon filled), which was showing under the band’s entry but not in the artists section. When that didn’t work, I additionally made them a favourite in Qobuz to see if it would help.

The discography should show albums in my library once I click on the icon and with the library copies hidden failed to do so, even for the supposedly un-hidden Qobuz versions.

Take care


How wonderful to hear that you’ve achieved your goal! Thanks for giving us the opportunity to join you in finding this solution.

Naturally, clarifications are welcome - thanks for taking the time :pray:

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