Missing Bobby Watson albums

I’ve found an issue where Roon fails to import 4 albums by the saxophonist Bobby Watson. I’m running RoonServer on a headless mac mini, controlled by iOS and MacOS Desktop instances of Roon.

I’ve tried unchecking “hide duplicates” and read through the potential issues in this KB article.

My library lives on an external drive called Music, in a folder called Music. so Music/Music/Bobby Watson is the file path. you can see that folder and it’s contents here:

of the eight albums listed, four are not imported by roon:

I’ve uploaded the missing 4 albums to dropbox, and can provide a link if that’s helpful.

I have exactly the same setup as you. You can send me the Dropbox link and I’ll give it a try.

Cheers, Greg

thank you- sent link.

Suggest you do as follows

  1. Create a Folder called “Test” on the same external drive

  2. MOVE the Bobby Watson Folder to that new Folder

  3. Add the Test folder as a Watched Folder to Roon

  4. within Roon, enter Focus ----> Inspector ----> Locations ----> Click the “Test” folder location ONLY

This should filter your Albums down to only the Albums within that Test folder

This should then give you a better idea as to what is happening to the other 4 Albums that appear to be “missing”

done- same four albums are missing.

Then it seems likely that there is an issue with the files themselves

Greg may confirm or otherwise in his own time

Are the files in Flac or another format??..Ape perhaps??

AIFF, same the others. they play fine via LMS and iTunes.

Sometimes File headers can get corrupt. I had a couple of FLAC files from HDTracks in the same situation, I could play them in JRiver but nothing in Roon.

I used dbPoweramp to save a new copy in the same file format. Fixed the tracks for me. I would suggest making a copy of one of the albums and trying it on the copy.

did you re-rip the discs, or just make new copies of the files?

If you wish, you could PM me the Dropbox link and I will take a look??

I just made a new copy of the file. Not by copy/pasting but by Save As… gave it a new file name and saved it in the same format.

I’d be happy to try the files too if you wanted.

Hi @woodford,

Ok, for some reason, Roon doesn’t like these files. I converted them using XLD and they seem fine. One album I kept as aiff and the rest I converted to flac. They all imported fine after conversion. You can re-rip the albums or use XLD or other software to convert them.

However, The Year of the Rabbit is a different story. The album actually shows up in Roon as Unknown Artist and the album name is Bobby Watson/The Year of the Rabbit. I was able to Identify the album in Roon and it worked. It seems too play fine. A weird thing about this album though is the album makes XLD quit unexpectedly if I try and convert it. You may want to re-rip it if possible or just Identify it in Roon.

I added the albums to iTunes, and I couldn’t seen anything obviously wrong with the files.

Bottom line, something happened to the files and Roon didn’t like them. If you use something like XLD to convert them or re-rip the original cd, that should work. Converting either to aiff or flac works.

Hope that helps.

Cheers, Greg

I looked yesterday at a file that did not import and in that case it helped to open it with an id3 tag editor, make a change somewhere (in a field where no info was inserted), save it and delete that info again. I used the software tag on the mac. but there are several other products.
If that works, you don’t have to reencode and it should be faster…

Thanks Greg (and @Ronnie & @Rugby). i converted the files to FLAC with XLD and they all appear and play fine now. really appreciate the help

had the same experience with Year of the Rabbit and XLD quitting- i used Roon to ID it and all seems fine.

i’m concerned however that somewhere else in my library of 38k tracks there are others that are not being imported, and i won’t know it unless i stumble across it.

Glad you got it sorted.

I agree it’s a concern that some albums are not importing and it’s almost impossible to know what they are, unless you stumble across them. I wouldn’t be surprised if all of us have something missing.

Maybe @mike or @vova will want to look at these files and see if they can find out why they didn’t import.

It would be great if the software could somehow report on files that don’t import.

Cheers, Greg


If you have the original files handy, we’d absolutely like to take a look at them. Would it be possible to upload them to Dropbox (or similar) and PM me a link?

If you don’t have Dropbox, let me know and I’ll send you some instructions for sending the files directly to us.


sent the files.