Missing CODECs?

ROCK indicates via the web interface that I’m missing CODECs but I have put ffmpeg in the CODECs file in the exposed data directory and FLAC files play so there doesn’t seem to be a problem. Is this a bug?

Can you share a image of your CODECS folder?

Hi there. Thanks for your response. I’m attaching an image.

After you copy the file, did you restart Roon Server using the Roon OS web interface or restart Rock computer?

Hi @Dafydd_Waters,

Did you follow these instructions (Note the highlighted section)?

The CODEX are needed for MP3 files.

You need to unzip the result of your first unzip. ffmpeg needs to be unzipped twice.

Thanks all for your responses. This still isn’t working for me. Here’s a screen shot showing where I got the file (I used the topmost git version, amd64) and the ffmpeg file in the Codecs file and the feedback from the ROCK interface. Also, can confirm I can’t play .mp3 or .aac. I’m using my Linux desktop to download and transfer the file. The downloader (via Firefox) unzips once as part of the download then I am extracting one more time. I don’t think there is a further level of extraction. Any ideas?

Hello @Dafydd_Waters, I downloaded and unzipped that file and I end up with a size of 75880544, (72.37MB) for ffmpeg, which is slightly different from you. Might be worth redoing the extraction?

Thanks again all. I have re-downloaded and re-extracted. No change.

One thing I’m not sure about – the instructions say that I need to extract twice. When I download the file, I get a tar.xz file. I then extract it ‘here’ and get a directory (see above archive in screen shot). I then open the extracted directory and see another directory but with a slightly different name (see second screen shot). I then open that and see the ffmpeg file, which I copy to ROCK Codecs file. There is no opportunity to unzip/ extract a second time?

Try rebooting the NUC.

Based on your picture this has not been done for at least 1+ days. Not restart Roon Server, but reboot of the NUC (available in top right) via web interface.

Thanks. Rebooted several times this morning. No joy.

After 9:31 this morning? Because at that time your server has been running since 1 day 14 hours (ie not been rebooted)… which is what your screenshot above says that @Tor_Gunnar_Berland was referring to.

Maybe switch off altogether. Give it a rest for a good minute, then try again switching it back on… Use the hard button on the NUC for this.

Yes, after 0931.

ok, I‘m lost…

Maybe a permissions thing seems to happen on Linux, chmod the permissions and see if that helps.

This is the file I’m using (zip-compressed the file directly from my ROCK NUC).

You have a linux desktop - have you tried running the ffmpeg file? It posts a version number etc.

Clutching at straws…
Can you post an image of the directory above Codecs ? I want to make sure we haven’t got directories in a twist.
You should see RAATServer, RoonServer etc.

Thanks. That’s super helpful. I unzipped and copied your file but unfortunately I’m still getting the missing codecs message. It’s most curious!

Here’s an image of the directory above:

I remember the codec was kind of challenging initially as well, but when I finally got it working it has not failed ever again. I hope @support can guide you better to find a solution.