Missing cover art albums and artist (only on PC, and not missing on Ipad / Iphone) after update version 2.0 build 1211

Roon Core Machine

Intel NUC i5

Networking Gear & Setup Details

Windows PC (windows 10)
Synology NAS DS 212
Ipad (IpadOS 16.3.1)
Iphone (IOS 16.3.1)

Connected Audio Devices

Linn Majik DS
Naim Uniti Nova

Number of Tracks in Library

35,000 tracks

Description of Issue

I received a message to update Roon and I accepted for all my devices (from version 2.0 build ??? to version 2.0 build 1211). After teh update was finisehd, I could not run Roon on my windows PC any longer (I just use this PC as a remote control, the core is on a separate Intel Nuc), it showed just one second the Roon display but than crashed. I had no problems with my Ipad or Iphone. I have fixed this problem by turning off and on again of the Intel NUC and reinstalling Roon on my windows PC. But now I noticed that a lot of cover art of my albums and artists (in total I have about 2850 albums, 36500 tracks and 1350 artists in my library) is missing when using my windows PC as a remote control, while I do see all cover art on my Ipad and Iphone. Before the update I did not have that problem at all. I have reinstalled Roon on my windows PC several times now and did a rescan of the library, but with no succes. What else can I do so I can see all the cover art of albums and artists on my windows PC ?

Thanks in advance for your cooperation / support.

Best regards,
Jan (the Netherlands)

You could start by clearing the cache on your pc. If this doesn’t do the trick try a wired connection between your pc and core to rule out network problems

Thanks for your advice. I have just selected to clear the cache. It gave a messag that Roon needs to be restarted. When I selected that option, I noticed the Roon-icon on the bar at the bottom of my PC-monitor has changed colour to “orange”, so I guess it’s busy and I see my NAS is also very busy …
Do you know how long this will take or do I just need to restart Roon myself (manually) to see if this helped ?

I Don’t use a pc as remote. Are you sure there is no core on you pc? Seems like it’s indexing.

No I’m not sure it has no Core on PC … I don’t know how to download a separate remote control for Roon for my PC, it always includes among others the Core… When I try to download the app for my PC it says that it’s not suitab’le for PC, so I can only download the “full package” from the official Roonlabs website, or do you know a way how tot download only the remote control part of Roon ?

Best regards, Jan

The “Roon Remote” app is only available for iOS and Android - it’s not intended for Windows.

While Roon for Windows contains a Roon Core component, you are not using it if you have connected to the Roon Core running on your ROCK/NUC…

Exactly, that’s why I needed to download the “full package” and my question / request for advice still stands …
Thanks in advance for any suggestions regarding solving my described issue …

I’m not sure what you mean here.

I’ve just cleared the image cache (Settings > Setup > Clear image cache) on my ROCK/NUC, and when I restarted the Core, the Roon client on my PC closed, then reopened. A short while later (30 seconds or so) Roon was up and running again and the user interface fully populated and displayed in the Windows client. The Roon icon on the Windows Taskbar does not change colour…?

I have 60,000+ tracks in my library.

Hi Geoff and Fietser, I have done as you you mentioned and now everything is back to normal again, I can see all album art again, thank you all for all your good advices, very much appreciated !!!

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