Missing data on Yosemite

I had the same 10.10.5 issue. I loaded the older version. Now much of my data is missing. Is there a fix for this that I am missing?

Hi @vernon_pleasant,

When you installed 416 did you completely remove your database?

Is the Mac your Core machine or just a remote?

Do you have any backups of your Roon database?

Dylan…I may have remove the data base…not intentionally.

The Mac is my core machine.

I don’t know if I have any backup.

Many of my albums are still there. Quite a few of my playlists are missing. I tried to add a song to a playlist but none showed in the pop up window even though some playlists appear when I use the menu and go to playlists. Thanks.

Hi @vernon_pleasant,

Are you still able to open the Roon app on your end? Can you please check to see if you see any backups on your Core by navigating to Roon Settings -> Backups menu?

What kind of playlists are still remaining? Are they all from streaming sites (TIDAL/Qobuz)? Do you see any of your local playlists in Roon or are these all missing?

Norris…thanks for your reply. I can find no backups. I have a number of playlists that I created in Roon still available, but some of my most used playlists are gone.

Will 1.7 run on Yosemite. Thanks, Vernon.

Hi @vernon_pleasant,

Yes, 1.7 support Mac OS 10.10.5.

Hi @vernon_pleasant,

Sorry to hear that the playlists are gone.
I would highly suggest keeping regular Roon Backup moving forward, possibly even to a few locations.
Do let us know if the 1.7 update is working as expected on your Core.

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