Missing Folders

I recently installed Roon Rock on a NUC10 i5 FNHN and use it as a core instead of the iMac I used until now.
The problem I have is the following:
Some folders are not recognized by Rock and do not appear at all while on the iMac as core they look normal and play normally again.
For example in the iMac core the folder 2xHD - Alexandre Cote - Portraits d 'Ici (2013) [24-96] appears normally in the Roon Rock core does not appear anywhere and when an import attempt is made it gives the following message:

This happens in several folders, the 2xHD tag is missing 8 folders, the 2xHD tag (NAXOS) is missing 5 folders, the FONE tag is missing 7 folders, etc.

iMac core

Roon Rock core

I have checked and some special characters are not contained.
Could anyone help?

Congratulations very appealing collection

@Kostas_Karakalas Roon builds its own metadata layer and certainly doesn’t present the same in time trend (learning AI). Windows and Linux handle case differently. Rights to enter folders may be assigned differently. There are many possible reasons. So it is checked at the base:

  1. is the total number of track the same / different.

  2. were defective files detected for the first time

  3. is the library cleaned up in both cases

  4. are duplicate entries of albums visible on the Mac

The total number of tracks is different.
No, they were not defective files.
What is meant by saying the library has been cleaned?
There are no duplicate entries.
Thank you

Sometimes on Tidal or Qobuz albums were given a heart and then you didn’t want it in your library forever after all.

Sometimes you have a music file in the folder that has since been deleted…

I do not use Tidal and Qobuz. All are local files.
But why when the iMac is used as the core the folders appear while in Roon Rock not?

Do you have an example deeper to the artist discography with concrete album then versions with file path as screenshot?

I meant the depth view in Roon which leads via Artists - Albums - Versions to the file path. There would be the control what is missing to the image above.

The path is the same in both cases. Simply in Rock the folder does not appear anywhere.

I see a red dot is that a

missing unlock

for the new core?

The red dot is my mark. The folder is unlocked.

Take a look at your library like this

File Path in iMac core:

File Path in Roon Core:

Have You Read this?

Yes I have read it. No folder has a “special” character.

It could be this one character that is not visible on the MAC

this ist diffenent without between d lci

On the iMac this disc appears and plays normally.
I think something is wrong with rock. I have other small problems that I will mention in a future post.

Different OS have different exceptions in accepted text. You can always try removing the ’ and see if it makes a difference.

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It’s something I can not understand and explain.
I transferred the files from the Melco N100 that were stored on the iMac to a new folder, Roon Rock read and play them normally. :dizzy_face:

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