Missing Header in Settings==>Audio?

Didn’t there used to be a header that talked about the devices connected to the network?


This is what mine looks like

Yes, that’s what I’m talking about.

After the header that says “Connected to Core” and the display of all those devices connected to Core, there used to be another header that said something like “Connected to the Network” followed by all those devices that had network addresses.

I know there was something like that. The fact that there is a header that says “Other Network Devices” supports my memory.

Reboot? :wink:

Reboot yourself. :neutral_face:

You don’t have the missing header either.

I’m confused now, i thought you were seeing something in mine that was missing in the one you shared as its only a partial screenshot, Apologies.

Seems to be gone since the release of 1.7. From Roon 1.7 Is Live!:

Thanks for chiming in. Why would that be removed and possibly contribute to a noob’s confusion?

I only realized it today because I added a new networked device.


@support, not the end of the world, but really?

I believe Connected to Network was reworked to make a display section for each type of network connection, Roon (including RoonBridge), Roon Tested, Squeezebox, etc. Anything not in one of those categories is under “Other Network Devices”.

Sorry, but that is just confusing to someone who has no experience with Roon, because the way it looks now it seems that the devices that are networked are connected to the Core.

Yes, I know one can determine the devices that are networked because they have a network address, but why make it more obscure than it needs to be.

Another instance where I just don’t get the thought process involved.

Slim, I’m just describing what I understand, not defending their choices.


Hi @xxx,

This changed when the screen was redesigned, but I’ll definitely pass this feedback along to the team! We always appreciate the insight :slight_smile:

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Just noticed the clear and distinct machine designations in Settings==>About.

Please do the same in Settings==>Audio.