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Description of Issue

Hi, everything about roon running on my mini pc server. I use the desktop application in win 10 to edit albums and otherwise I control everything via android. So far, everything has been going well. 2 days ago I reinstalled windows on my PC and instaled on PC Roon again, the server stayed untouched. However, icons are missing everywhere. I have no idea what this may have to do with. Win 10 are newly installed, I only have a few applications here and win are updated well. I read some threads about logitech hub, but its not my problem. Really dont know.

Here is the screenshot:

Try adding roon back into the windows firewall. This spotty build up of the screen is often a communication problem with the central roon servers.

Unfortunately, it didn’t work. To make sure, I tried to turn off the firewall completely on both sides. The result remained the same. I guess that must be a problem right in the application. I only have ROON SERVER installed on my mini PC and the full application on my PC which connects to the server.

If this is a new install, try downloading the graphics drivers from the GPU manufacturer. The ones Windows loads during an install are not the latest/greatest.

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OK, Thanks guys for the suggested solutions. It was really AMD drivers. I used the Auto-Detect & Install program AMD Radeon ™ Graphics and Ryzen ™ Chipset Drivers for Windows, which removed old drivers, detected HW and installed the most current ones.

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