Missing Qobuz Playlists

Roon NUC 7th Gen i5 8gb Ram
Ubiquiti UDM Pro network
Auralic VEGA G2.2 Dac / Endpoint.

I was playing Qobuz playlists from Auralic LDS app and noticed there were a lot of playlists I’d never seen in Roon when selecting “Qobuz Playlists”. So, I checked the Qobuz app directly and sure enough, there are a load of playlists available direct from the Qobuz app that are nowhere to be seen via Roon. Why?

For instance, I’m not seeing any of the best of 2023 playlists in Roon that are in Qobuz app and Auralic LDS “Qobuz” section.

This is just one example of many that I haven’t seen before.

Edit. Also, if I carry out a search Roon doesn’t return playlists in that search. Have I missed a setting or something or, does Roon just not return playlists that match a search criteria?

This is correct if it is a Qobuz curated playlist. If you make the Playlist a local one (left click, 3 dot menu, Save a local copy).

This has been discussed before. See “How to search for TIDAL playlists using ROON - #10 by CrystalGipsy

While it is specifically about Tidal, it is the same functionality for both Tidal and Qobuz.

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@Rugby Thanks… That I guess is part of the problem.

If I go to Qobuz app or Auralic LDS app I can find Qobuz playlists that I’m interested in but when I return to Roon, they aren’t visible and I can’t search for them either. It’s a bit like the chicken and the egg. I can’t search for them until I’ve found/added them to Roon and I can’t add them to Roon if I can’t find them… if you see what I mean!

There was one “Best of 2023 - Electronic” and for the life of me, I can’t see that in Roon anywhere. Which is why I tried to use “Search” to locate it. The layout of Qobuz playlists looks very different in Roon compared to Qobuz itself which makes it harder again to locate them.

When you look at Qobuz, the Playlist Headers / Menu includes ones that Roon doesn’t have. They have 12 different categories while Roon has 8. One of the ones missing in Roon is, “The Best of 2023” which I guess that’s why I can’t find the ones I’m after.

Yep playlists aren’t really searchable.
It’s fine it in native app and tag I’m afraid.

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Yeah, at the moment the only way I have been able to get around it is use Qobuz app to look through / search their playlists. When I find one I want, click on it so you can see all the tracks… click on the three dots and select, “Add To Playlist” which creates a personal playlist in Qobuz with those tracks.

Once the playlist has been saved at Qobuz, it shows up in Roon under playlists (with the Qobuz Q beside it) but it did take a couple of hours or more before it synced up and was available to play.

This seems a little long winded to get around the fact Roon only has 8 of the 12 Qobuz playlist categories!

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