Missing Station Berlin: RBB Kultur an Hamburg NDR Kultur Belcanto

Ladies and gentlemen,
roon is great und use it daly.
Thank for this great software!

Missing official Station RBB Kultur Berlin, Germany URL:


Missing station NDR Kultur Belcanto, Hamburg URL:


I added it manually, but there are actual now no metadata availiabel.

It would bei great, if you could add this stations.

Thanks a lot for your help.

Hello @Lutz_Weisbecker, I’m pleased you’re enjoying Roon.

RBB kultur and NDR kultur now there with metadata from the streams. Thus the NDR metadata seems strange. I’ll investigate further.

Please check if OK otherwise

I understand now. The NDR station makes separate calls to an api which hold the metadata. At present Roon can’t deal with this, although it is something that is being thought about.

A solution can be found if you like tinkering with a raspberry pi. Let me know if you want more information.

Hello Brian,

thank you very much for your very fast reaction!!

Everything is working perfect.

You are right, the NDR Radiostation has many separate calls.

On of the call is “NDR Kultur Belcanto”, which is via the Radiostation only for one hour on every Saturday from 12.00 to 13.00 o´clock, and for me very interesting. It is for one week a loop with the time period of one week.

The URL: http://www.ndr.de/resources/metadaten/audio/m3u/ndrloop2.m3u

And this you intergraded in the radiolist as “NDR Kultur” and not as “NDR Kultur Belcanto”. And you are right, for this “NDR Kultur Belcanto” does not exist any metadata.

Another thing is the official Radiostation “NDR Kultur”, which is different to “NDR Kultur Belcanto”.

Other roon-fans may miss the official Radiostation “NDR Kultur”, which has the URL:


For this station the metadata are existing.

Thanks again a lot for your help!

Best regard

Lutz Weisbecker

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Hello again Lutz,

I think I’ve sorted things out.
There are now 4 NDR Kultur stations:
NDR Kultur
NDR Kultur Belcanto
NDR Kultur Neo
NDR Kultur Starke Stucke

The last three on loops (and no metadata).

Let me know if things make sense now.

Dear Brian,
for me the most important NDR stations are:

NDR Kultur (with metadata)
NDR Kultur Belcanto (loop and no metadata)

It would bei great, if you intergrate these two stations.

Thanks a lot for your professional help and fast reaction!!

Best regard

I don’t understand. They are there, can’t you see them? I’m not sure what you mean.

Easiest is to search for NDR using the magnifying glass.

Dear Brian,
please excuse.
I did not check it.
Everything is working excellent!!
Thanks a lot for your work.

Best regard

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