Missing text after install Roon

Hello, after install Roon, there is no text at all. Please help me. Im using laptop Asus Zenbook UX325, Windows 10 - 64bit.

Hi Truong, welcome here, and too bad, you’re seemingly stuck in a dead end!
Nice notebook there, BTW!

Problems with properly displaying the Roon UI usually stem from incompatible graphics drivers.
Try to find and install appropriate graphics drivers from the chip vendor (Intel?), rather than using generic Windows drivers.

It’s worth noting though, that some PC manufacturers distribute their own versions and block chip manufacturer versions, as is the case with my Dell XPS13 (luckily, that driver works with Roon).
If that’s the case with your notebook, you are stuck in a dead end!

Good luck!


You might try the 32bit client and see if that changes anything.



Thank you Weigel and wizardofoz for the information, i’m still stucking on this problem. Can i have any chance to solve this? How unlucky i am.

Is this running Windows 11? I don’t believe Roon has commented on Windows 11 support.

Is it a problem in full screen only or smaller windows too.

You might also try in English mode as it appears you are in Vietnamese language?? Just a thought.

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Hi wizardofoz, my laptop is running Windows 10, and i always use English language on my computer. And the problem appears in both full screen and smaller windows mode.

Well lets see how long it takes @support to hop on this issue.

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Did you check and install vendor graphics drivers?

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Did you try the 32bit roon version?

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What I see in your screen shot reminds of what I had on a tablet that the screen pixel density was affecting Roon. Adjust the pixel density helped cure the issue with text not showing.

Not sure if this will help (as this is a laptop) but check the display resolution and scaling in “Display Settings” (right click on the desktop to bring up a menu). I know Roon sometimes has issues with certain combinations of resolution and scaling. Usually, Roon will tell you if the resolution is too high or whatever on a laptop. So not really sure this will do it for you, but worth a shot.

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yes i did, but nothing changed.

i installed a new driver form intel (my laptop using Intel Iris XE graphic) but the problem still available :frowning:

@support seem to be taking a long time…

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Hi @Truong_Le_Thanh,

Would you please use the directions found here and send over a set of logs to our File Uploader?


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Hi @dylan , logs files sent, thank you.