Missing Tracks in albums


Another problem is that when I was first browsing my favourite albums, there are some missing tracks…
e.g. in Mahler no.9 Karajan BPO 1982 Live, the track 1a (Andante Comodo) is missing.

So I first searched by name, Andante Comodo. I saw many of it, but none is the correct track for the album… (none is by Karajan & BPO)

Could not find the track in “Fix Track Grouping” & “Identify Album” either.

I checked with my music library (external drive) and itunes. That track is there.

I tried several times deleting the file in my library, let Roon synced to remove the album on it. Then adding it back to the library and sync with Roon. Same results. Track 1a is missing…

Right now I am checking the other albums to see any more missing tracks…

Please help.

Just found an album with only 1 track (#3) …
The other 19 tracks are missing.


Keep updating.

This missing tracks issue is serious…

Some albums are not even there!

Thanks for the info @B_Sherhee_Tsang – I’ve sent you a request for some more information via PM.