Missing Tracks Mystery

I recently installed Roon on a trial basis and am enjoying it, but I am starting to notice that Roon seems to have trouble with some albums, and perhaps 192/48 downloads in particular. I have several versions of Shelby Lynne’s Just A Little Lovin’, including a Hi-Res download. No matter how many times I try to add that album (for example, by adding the specific folder it is in, both on my primary and backup disks), Roon will only show me the same 4 of the 10 tracks on this CD. Very frustrating! I have tried searching for the missing tracks using the identified albums tool but they don’t show up. And if I try to add the Apple Lossless non-Hi Res version of the same CD, it doesn’t show up at all. Any ideas?

Hi @kschacter! Sorry to hear you’re missing some files here.

@vova and I are going to follow up via private message so we can get some more information about these files and figure out what’s going on. Thanks for the report!

Is it possible that Roon hides the duplicate albums? Many of us have multiple versions of the same album in different bit-rates and masters. It’s hard to differentiate between these in the UI even when “show duplicates” is enabled. This needs some help still.