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I use Roon primarily to organize my classical music collection.

Sometimes albums by one composer (say Schumann) will be included when I search for Chopin.

How do I move these Schumann albums to the correct composer?.

Assuming that you use the Search from the top right – invoked by the :mag: symbol – with a search term like chopin or Chopin it’s to be expected that the results set contains entries which Roon believes to be related in addition to “perfect” 1:1 matches. Sometimes those relationships aren’t obvious, and from my experience sometimes those relationships are more confusing or feel plain wrong than revealing but that’s how it is.
Also, from my experience, if one makes use of the type ahead search suggestions – for instance if you type chopin in the Search box, Frédéric Chopin will (most likely) be proposed as a search term – the results are closer to what one might expect.

So for search results you cannot really change anything yourself except maybe reporting why something doesn’t seem to fit in as much detail as possible and maybe the Roon team gets an idea how to improve the search functionality.

Could also be due to multi composer albums, if a primarily Chopin Album has. Schumann track

Thanks for your response. Roon seems to be linking albums that have
no composers in common. Does Roon rely on liner notes? Schumann and Chopin were contemporaries, so I can understand how they musicologically could be linked.

Thanks for your response.
Generally, I try to consolidate the various ways that Roon retrieves a composer under a single heading by merging the various designations under a single heading, e.g., “Robert Schumann.” I’m a former music major, so I don’t need dates to identify a composer. So when Roon offers variants based on dates, I merge them into a single composer.
In the case of Chopin, I have four
or five albums containing his music; yet my “Chopin” search pulls up predominantly albums by Robert Schumann.
What I would like to do is create a “F. Chopin” heading and consolidate my Chopin recordings under that heading. Then redesignate the current Chopin heading as Schumann and then merge it with my Robert Schumann heading.
Thanks for your response

Your idea may not work out well for Search results because those are not only based on data we see and can manage in the library but also on some “magic sauce” Roon pours into the mix, like relationships between artists and what not.

I have 26 Chopin’s. About 12 of them are the piano composer Chopin, but they are not linked. The others are mostly “contemporary” Chopin’s. For example, Earl Chopin is a horn player for the studio orchestra backing an obscure pop vocal quartet from the 60’s (The Free Design). I think it is coming from Qobuz. I don’t have anything from this artist. Most of my composers are in a similar state so I gave up using roon as an organizing tool for Classical music a while ago.

So Tony
What’s good organizing tool for classical music? I had high hopes for Roon, but have not had those expectations fulfilled.
Here’s an example. I love Arnold Bax’s Third Symphony. I used the composer search to find Bax. The search came up with 22 entries, none of which were the Third Symphony. I then did a separate search for Bax Symphony 3, which retrieved the Third Symphony. I expected a more accessible search engine.
There are many things about Roon that I like, and I most likely will continue to subscribe, but it can be very frustrating to use.

Fine, roon can use its “secret sauce.” But it ought to allow users a way to override its proprietary algorithm. At a minimum, users ought to have the option of overriding its algorithm by moving misdesignated entries to the appropriate folder.

Same for me, a search for Chopin returns Debussy and Schumann albums. There is no obvious way of working out why. If I do the same search in Qobuz the results are fine. The simplest explanation is that the search in Roon is very poor.

Thanks for your response. Have you contacted Roon about your concerns?

The problem here seems to be - to me, at least - that the relationships Roon takes into account when presenting those search results are far from obvious. I also dislike that I’ve to guess why Schumann albums appear for a chopin search. Maybe it’s because rovi has set a “similar” relationship between Chopin and Schumann. Since Roon doesn’t explain its results this remains in the dark and can be rightly considered as a wrong result.

Debussy also has a few relationships to Chopin but without telling us which those are we won’t really know why the result is a good one.

If those results would be more structured = explained in some way (with additional headlines or with the help of tabs, like “Albums titled ‘Chopin’, “Albums with works by F. Chopin”, “Albums with works by composers similar to Chopin”, " … by admirers” …) it would help a lot.

I’ve gone back to using windows explorer mostly.

When I do a search, of 12 albums on the first page, two are Chopin, the rest are Brahms, Schumann, Janaceck, Neilsen, Haydn ???

When I scroll down I just noticed I get a lot of Debussy as well, and a few Beethoven and Ravel.

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When I select the composer filter, only compositions by Chopin are captured. No Schumann or other composers. Why can’t Roon allow users to use the general search algorithm to pull up composers. Maybe classical music lovers are too few to have any clout?

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