Mobile app getting process killed after five minutes

Hi, when I stream the music to the mobile app listening on bluetooth headphones the music stops after approximately five minutes. I guess that is how long my phone allows app to run in the background. This does not happen when I play direct from Tidal or Spotify. Seems like your app lack functionality to stay awake. Would be nice with appearance in the notifications area that also helps keeping the connection going and abiltty to switch songs.

Hello @Ludolf,

Can you please let me know what phone you have? Are there any battery optimization rules in place? I would like to see if we can trigger a change in behavior with your remote device by having you make the following adjustment:

  • Go into “settings” and select “Battery”.
  • In the right hand corner of the screen please select “battery optimization” from the “3 dot menu”.
  • You should see a header at the top of the window saying “not optimized” with a little drop down next to it. Click the dropdown and choose “All apps”.
  • Once the “All apps” window is open navigate to and select “Roon”.
  • Once Roon has been selected please choose “Don’t optimize”.
  • With this adjustment in place please verify what the experience is like with the Roon remote app.


Roon is seen as a power intensive app. My Huawei P20 lite fires me warnings when I run it there.

Thanks, it is a OnePlus 6T and I have now disabled the battery optimization, seems likely that will fix it.

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