MOCK - Tell us what strange gear you've installed ROCK on!

All the files on my PC are also backed up to a separate usb drive. Also I still have all my CDs. I haven’t made the jump to cloud backups because I’m already using Google drive extensively to backup family photos and videos, and jumping to the 2 or 5 TB pricing tier is pricy… If I lost my 90 GB library, I wouldn’t stop listening to music.

I’ll look into these sync recommendations. Thanks!

No need for cloud, just take a copy and leave it with a friend/family member. I do appreciate it’s a dull message, I’ve just seen a lot of tears shed over irretrievable milk.

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Next ROCK/MOCK test will be the HP Elite Slice G2 while i wait for a new CPU to continue test of the HP Z2 G4 mini.

I had forgotten i had one at work, it was used maybe 20 times then forgotten and put away, anyway is also a cute little mashine that might be up for the task.

HP Elite Slice for Meeting Rooms G2 Specifications | HP® Customer Support

Elite Slice G2 - Components | HP® Customer Support

Thanks for this note about USB sticks vs external drives. I wonder whether the heat issue varies depending on what version of USB is being used - 2 vs 3 vs 3.whatever. Any thoughts on whether the speed really matters in this context? I imagine it’s almost all reads and very little if any writing.

For now, I’m using a USB stick marked “USB 3.0” for data on my Lenovo M75 MOCK system. This PC has a second internal M.2 SSD slot, which I had originally planned to use for a data drive. But I determined after a few failed attempts that the second slot is disabled on the fanless version of this PC! Fanless is what I wanted, so external data is what I got! :slight_smile:

Brian its always the same when we make plans.

I always figure that it is the proximity to the port that causes USB drives to become extremely hot and corrupt and the smaller the form factor the worse. But other times they are fine so I cannot explain it.

Speed of reads of music files should be no issue even for a slower USB stick so let it go and see how it goes. I believe they are just a copy as well so not a lot to lose by trying it.
Good luck

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