MOCK - Tell us what strange gear you've installed ROCK on!


Using a Lenovo W530 with a quad core I7 CPU, SSD disk and 8 GB RAM. Had to attach a USB keyboard during installation. Works flawlessly – and fast :slight_smile:

(Jeff) #62

Hmmm, I’d like to MOCK this:

(Andrew Cox) #63

Is ROCK/data/storage limited to one internal device ?

(Danny Dulai) #64

yes, and i have no idea how it works out on MOCKs

(Mark Edwards) #65

I set up my MOCK with 1TB one internal drive, I hadn’t considered trying a second drive as I don’t need it.
It has been working flawlessly since last December. I did have issues with grouped airplay zones but now I don’t have a second airplay zone so I have no idea if that issue has been fixed.

The only time I’ve needed to re-boot my MOCK has been before build 300 was released. In the “About Roon” window the Core was stuck on “checking for an update”. The re-boot fixed that.

I LOVE my MOCK, I don’t think about it, it just works. Occasionally my iDevice remotes crash but thats about it.
Its so much better than running core on my MacPro, no sleep issues and end points going out of sync, less noise, heat and power.

If it ever stops working, I will replace it with a NUC in a fanless case.

Thank you, thank you, thank you for ROCK and Roon. My first year is up already, can’t believe it.

Oh, and did I mention it sounds stunning, I did not expect a noticeable difference from the MacPro but upon my first listening I thought, what? That sounds better, more detail, separation, blah, blah, blah. So I then listened to all my favourites and was floored. Maybe it was all in my mind, who cares. Love it.

(Jeff) #66

Thinking of the following hardware for a MOCK build. Anything stick out? Are the latest chipsets supported?

z370 chipset with i219-v ethernet. No wifi. Audio disabled.
Samsung 860EVO M2

I see the manual indicates a UEFI + Legacy boot mode. Not a pure legacy mode.

(Jeff) #67

Changed my mind, and decommissioned my gaming machine. i7-3770, some Asus motherboard can’t remember the model but it has an Intel NIC. 16GB Ram. Intel 160GB SSD.

Disabled the unnecessary hardware like audio, virtual serial, and parallel ports. Configured Legacy boot and I’m rolling, just restoring my backup right now.

(Rene Bouwmeester) #68

Godspeed !

(Mehul) #69

I have Roon Server running under WIndows 8.1 Pro on an older NUC - D54250WYK - Core i5 4250U - 16GB memory and a 128GB mSATA SSD.

That’s all it doing and I would rather get rid of the WIndows install (it’s the only one I have). It is all working fine however.

Any chance that ROCK will run on this NUC?

The music is stored on a NAS and there are no endpoints directly conected to the NUC. And Roon usually outputs 2 network endpoints simultaneously. No DSD/HQ Player…

(Henry) #70

It has run OK on generation 4 NUC’s so it should be OK on yours.

(simon arnold) #71

All MOCKed up. Well that was easy. Decided to give Rock ago instead of Vortexbox OS. Running on an i3 with MSI MS-7851/H81I. See how well it holds up. Will miss the autoripping of Vortexbox but want to see if ROCK brings any advantages,

Is there anyway to ssh and find out what its doing processor wise?

(Henry) #72

No, Rock is locked up. It is as simple as you can make it on purpose. I am comfortable with it because I spent a long time monitoring mine when I had Windows on the same machine.

(Mikael Ollars) #73

If you are worried about its performance, then you could activate upsampling and have a look at the Proccessing speed indication in Signal path.
You can find some references in the linked excel-sheet in this thread:

(simon arnold) #74

Hmm seeing a noticeable drop in performance for searching. Finding the artist is quick in itself but loading the albums under the artist can take up to 10 secs. Going to switch back os to see if this is related or its a internet thing. I’ve done internet speed checks and all seems fine. But we did have huge thunderstorms last night so could have caused damage out there somewhere.

(simon arnold) #75

Ok this seems to be just on the android app and not using remote on my windows pc . Odd they are both on same ap to. Reboot phone to see if it cures it.

(Henry) #77

I run ROCK on a supported 5th generation NUC. It is silent and safe and doesn’t miss a beat. Boring! So I just put the finishing touches on a MOCK build that breaths a little hotter than my NUC or indeed any other! Processor is an i78700 on an ASRock H310M-ITX/ac. This has 8gb of RAM and 128gb NVMe M2 memory. This is housed a Streamcom FC8OD with passive cooling and powered by a 160 watt nanoPSU. The only bios adjustments were to correct the time and alter the boot priority and then I loaded ROCK. All good until it came to assigning an IP then nothing. It turns out that the Intel gigabit Ethernet chipset is ‘new’ by Linux standards so there isn’t much support out there. So I ordered a USB3 to gigabit Ethernet adaptor and when it arrived plugged it in and fired up the box. Moments later it presented me with an IP and I have a working box good for a few years! It would be a bonus if the Ethernet port can be persuaded to work in ROCK but for now I am happy. The aim will be to experiment with convolution which I suspect my i5 build may struggle with a little.

(Mr Fix It ) #78

8th gen Intel chipsets might be a stumbling block for rock at this time. Until perhaps the 8th gen nucs are in play. I use an MSI 7th gen Mobo and no issues with Rock thus far.

(Henry) #79

ROCK seems to run fine on it except the Ethernet port, and the USB adaptor proved to be an effective work around. That said, I knew it was a gamble with ROCK but I would probably have put Roon Server on something else had it become necessary. I got my 5th gen NUC around the time the 6th gen processors arrived and always felt a little behind the curve so this is a bit of a novelty for me. Ultimately if it hadn’t worked I still have the NUC!

(Mr Fix It ) #80

Well there is always Linux as a build to use instead. You can get some pretty lean build images these days.

(Henry) #81

That is absolutely true, but it may well be that leaner might mean less/older driver support as it did with ROCK. I had a few alternatives to go with and as I have a spare SATA M2 I can still experiment without breaking anything.