MOCK - Tell us what strange gear you've installed ROCK on!

(Mark Edwards) #82

Any pics of your build Henry?

(Henry) #83

I’ll get something up later.

(Andrew Cox) #84

Wow, up to 95W TDP passively cooled. Very impressive. Lovely looking case too.

I went in the other direction for my ITX build and put a water cooled CPU AIO with push pull fans around a 120mm radiator in a pretty ugly Cooler Master Elite 110. It’s not silent so it sits in another room but it runs quite cool. I haven’t tried installing ROCK on it because it also runs HQP and has two storage drives (1TB SSD and 5TB HDD).

(Henry) #85

I did let it discover and analyse my DSD rips last night and set 5 cores to work. It did so without a hiccup while applying DSP and playing music. It got predictably warm but not excessively hot.

(Henry) #86

Apologies for the poor quality!

(Mark Edwards) #87

Nice and clean.

(Mark Edwards) #88

Here’s the guts of my MOCK in the HDPLEX H5. I’m working on tidying the cables/wires up, its starting to get there.

(Henry) #89

Definitely better photography!

(Andrew Cox) #90

That would count as exceptionally tidy cables and wires in any build of mine.

(Scott Houston) #92

Nice work, and nice specs, Henry; much respect. And always good to have some spare horses up your sleeve!

(simon arnold) #93

I am thinking of using the same case and motherboard did you need the short heat pipes or the regular ones?

Hardware Advice
(Henry) #94

Hi, I used the regular ones. It all fitted nicely but you will need to make sure the auxiliary 12 volts is plugged in correctly or it won’t boot. If you use ROCK the Ethernet won’t work and you will need an adaptor.

(Frank Berens) #95

Together with a QNAP TS-431 (all music files) in the fuse box closet outside the house.
The standard Q956 works like a charme as a MOCK.

What is needed for dedicated CORE?
Possible to install ROCK on USB Stick?

I installed Roon Rock on an old Sony Vaio notebook. The question of why is answered quickly. Cheap, old hardware, an external USB hard drive, a RasPi with a DAC HAT and I can show my friends what Roon is capable of and what is feasible with little material effort and some know-how.

But: Rock found no network connection on the Vaio. The Vaio has a Marvell network chip. As it stands, it is not supported. My question: Which network chips are supported? So far, it has worked well with Intel, but with a Realtek RTL8111E chip I also had no problem.

(Rudi) #97

Try an asix based USB to Ethernet adapter. A Startech USB31000S worked for my MOCK on asrock Deskmini 310. Probably other, cheaper AX88179 adapters would also work. Examples:
Digitus DN-3023
Trendnet TU3-ETG
Good luck

(Сергей Михайлов) #98

My question: Which network chips are supported?

I support the question. @danny answer please, if this is not a secret.

(Danny Dulai) #99

most intel chipsets, the realtek 8169, and most usb adapter chipsets.


Rudi, thank you for the tip. I ordered this one:

In two days I’ll know if it works :sunglasses:

THX. thumbs-up

(Rudi) #102

Thanks, @danny
Strangely ROCK does not recognize the Intel i219V chipset on my asrock Deskmini 310, although it’s exactly the same NIC as in the NUC7ixxxx, which is officially supported by ROCK.

(Rudi) #103

Keeping my fingers crossed