MOCK - Tell us what strange gear you've installed ROCK on!

(Rudi) #124

Sounds plausible

(JohnV) #125

Quite possibly a stupid question: is the hardware a vanilla RPI B+?

Another question/comment: Roon and/or people in the apparent-know say that an i5 or i7 chip is necessary for Roon’s intensive operation. How’s the performance on your system. Using much DSP or multiple zones?

(Rene Bouwmeester) #126

Nah – ROCK needs X86 architecture. This one was running in VBOX on a Quad i7 MacBook. I’ve got another ROCK VM in Qemu on Synology,

All spielerei though – both run slower than desirable. Although the Roon SPK package runs OK on the NAS’s Celeron n3345, even with my measly collection of 30K tracks it is way zippier on my day to day core (NUC7i5).

(JohnV) #127

Of course. I saw the DietPi logo and made a (poor) leap of logic.

Your collection is indeed measly, whereas my 34K library is ginormous. :slight_smile:

(Ged) #128

Asking for a bit of recycling advice - I had ROCK running on a NUC D54250WYK but it has now failed.

Are any of the parts usable in a new NUC or do i have to buy everything again? I’m looking at getting an i3 or i5 as my Library isn’t enormous and i don’t do DSD or a lot of parametric work.

Disk is a Kingston mS200 120GB SSDNow mSATA Internal Solid State Drive/SSD (which i think I can reuse?)

How about
2 x Crucial CT102464BF160B 8GB DDR3 RAM - PC3-12800 Unbuffered NON-ECC 1.35V (16GB Total)

1 x Intel Dual Band Wireless- AC 7260 Network Adaptor

It was in a Tranquil PC - Abel H2 Chassis (Fanless) but i presume a new NUC board wouldn’t fit in that,
any help appreciated



Beware, the newer, smaller NUCs might not have room for SSD, only M.2. The newer, higher NUCs have the room, but are more of an eyesore.

Pretty sure all of the new NUCs use DDR4.

Don’t know what this is, but NUCs generally have WiFi built in.

I can only speak to hardware issues, I don’t use ROCK software.
If you get on Amazon and browse the various models, you can ascertain what is needed.

The latest and greatest -

(Ged) #130

Thanks Slim, I’vee since had a look and indeed it is Freecycle for the parts.
I might replace the NUC or I might just leave it on my desktop as it is an i7 and not exactly stressed by my occasional web browsing!

(Rudi) #131


If you don’t do any convolution (room correction) and don’t serve several zones simultaneously, the following will probably do. I have one of these in operation as a Roon Server and have had no issues with it. The heaviest load I have thrown at it is DSD256 to DSD128 native conversion, which is does at 1.2x real-time. So this is not your recommended workload.

NUC7PJYH (Pentium J5005, 4x1.6GHz max 2.8GHz)
1x Kingston KVR24S17S6/4
your existing 2.5" SSD should fit

The Pentium NUC does NOT run ROCK. You need to use dietpi. Roon Server autoupdates, so that is not really an issue.

If you want to go ROCK, this would be fully compliant:

NUC7I5BNK (Core i5-7260U, 2x2.2GHz max 3.4GHz)
1x Kingston KVR24S17S6/4

Or the version in the higher case, if you want to reuse your SSD

(Ged) #132

Thanks very much that is very helpful.

(Henry) #133

You can look for older NUCs that are still supported. I use the gen 5i5 board that is still supported both by Intel and Roon. It was the last generation to support DDR3. I use one and use DSP to 2 x DSD rates which it does quite happily. It is a long term support item so should still be out there. And of course it won’t be MOCK any more!

I presume you have confirmed it is the board that has failed though, and not the M2 or memory.

(Mr Fix It ) #134

Just ran ROCK up on an old fanless intel D510MO link

Its a tad slow to boot up even with an SSD compared to a current gen NUC but I am only using it as a Roon Bridge with 4 USB DAC’s on it and powered up with my new HDPlex 200W Linear Supply link and LAN connected via 2 x FMC @ 1Gbps link

The nicest thing is that there is no HDMI and Audio is disabled on the mobo so there is only 4 devices (4 USB DAC’s) showing in the Audio options for the system.

top down is as follows

MOCK Bridge
Emotiva DC-1 DAC #1 with FMC 1 of 2 beside
Vinshine R2R DAC #2
NUC 7i7BNH fanless Akasa Plato X
OPPO Sonica DAC #3
Emotiva XMC-1 #4

LMPS not shown but this powered the NUC 19V, the MOCK 12V and 2 x 9V for the FMC’s

(Ged) #135

I know this is probably a silly question but what do all of those do?

(Mr Fix It ) #136

Well I like to A/B DAC’s to see how they sound and I do this via a nifty little M3 switch box (fully balanced) from Coleman Audio thats passive and have volume control and headphone out too if I power it up. I can switch out to 3 different rigs too :stuck_out_tongue:

(simon arnold) #137

I have to ask why? Just be happy with what you have.

(Mr Fix It ) #138

I’m happy with options…but I just had a bit of a disaster with plugging in my Coleman to a USA plug converter and plated the switch with 240v up the earth which has taken out the balanced output stages of 3 DACs…ouch expensive night. I’ll update the image comments later … but the chip with the ruler is dead on 2 DACs at least - oddly the same chip type in both the Oppo and the Vinshine.

(Andrew Cox) #139

[Expletive deleted]. I’m pleased no one was hurt ! Was the converter faulty ? Did you have a residual current device (safety switch) on it ?

(Mr Fix It ) #140

All home here have ELCB’s but it took out the 20A circuit breaker too. The problem was the earth hit the Live and basically sent 240V up the into the chassis and as the only ground connections were all through the balanced cables it just went that way…arcing over the small tracks onto the signals when it melted the tracks…wont do that again…fortunately I repair gear so ordered some of the output buffer opamps at ~US$4 each for the Vinshine’s Soekris DAM1021 and the OPPO that use the same chips. the Emotiva might have toasted the relays…not sure yet but the RCA outputs are ok on both the Emotiva and the OPPO at this point.

(simon arnold) #141

At least no one got hurt.

(David Crosbie) #142

Was having a look to see what other threads there were about this, but I couldn’t find much. I just tried throwing rock onto an old thin client we had knocking about. It’s based on an AMD 64bit dual core, has 8gb of ram and an internal SSD.

ROCK went straight on, no driver issues, and has been green lit since.

Fanless, with no rotational drives, an old thin client makes a perfect ROON core. Assuming that updates don’t break compatibility.

This wee HP T620 even has dual SSD slots internally, one MSATA and one M.2. So I can boot the OS from one and use another for the music storage.

(Geoff Coupe) #143

There’s a whole thread devoted to MOCK devices…