Moderation policies and “incessant ranting”

Mark, brining up kids and various issues may suggest a mention in the household but not in everyday circumstances in the way the comment was meant (no kids on this forum) but I was moderated for an innocent comment. Good luck with the kids btw, they will become part of society and you can but hope that the good work you did sticks. Ours are 23/25.

I do feel strongly, yes, being told that you are “unable to control yourself” by a mod, removing very innocent comments and lack of response to messages about the same leaves me cold.

Cut my nose off? Well I listen to music mainly, there are any number of ways to achieve that without Roon. I may save money and I may discover some software that works as good as or better than, who knows. I don’t really needs a lot of stuff Roon provides info wise (I don’t think, let’s see if I miss it). I may learn a bit from trying other platforms. I’m not happy paying a sub to people who feel it’s OK to insult a user, I don’t want to encourage that, I’ll live (well).

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Thanks Barrowboy,

I had a read of the thread and it does seem unfair when you consider the users who get away with downright rudeness at times and constantly spout their agenda. Are far as I can tell you have always been polite and cordial. I have been moderated a couple of times, once I thought it was fairly done, the other time I could not understand why but overall I think the mods do an excellent job, it cannot be that easy. I also saw that one of your posts had been flagged by another user, I really couldn’t see why either.

This is a fair comment, before I had my old Hi-Fi gear shipped over from the UK to Australia I had been using iTunes with Airplay to a Zeppelin Air and too be honest I was pretty happy. I love Roon’s GUI and the fact that it all works nicely with my old Meridian gear but I don’t do much else other than listen to albums and use Roon Radio. I still rip my music/convert purchased music to ALAC to listen to on my iPod in the car.

The mods seem like good guys to sit down and have a beer with and so do you. I hope you can sort it out with them.

Please understand that we can all use and enjoy Roon without having to participate in the Forums.

Criticism of the Forum for infringing free speech is misconceived. The Forum has never pretended to be a free speech arena. Posts on the Forum are constrained by the guidelines which have been in place since inception.

There are places on the Internet where you can say what you like with no rules. This Forum is not one of them. If moderators judge that a post infringes the guidelines, it will be edited or removed, or if you prefer, censored.

Sometimes users may disagree with the mods judgment as to what infringes the guidelines. In such cases read this post first, then users can raise the issue with the mods directly, or, ultimately, with Mike.

If users have a discussion with Mike and he doesn’t agree with you then I can only suggest getting over it, because investing emotion in a deleted post on an Internet forum seems like a recipe for disappointment.

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I don’t know what I’m doing here at this hour but honestly guys, sometimes it’s best to agree to disagree and move on…

I’ve been moderated before (Naim forum) even had a stage when my posts needed to be pre-approved, I had the choice to take the medicine (even though I thought I was a bit hard done by) or exit stage left. I stayed because by and large I enjoyed the Naim forum.

@anon72719171, you have the same decision. I’ve generally found your posts more than acceptable so I’d prefer that you stayed but you’ve made your point, moderators disagree , the decision is in your court now.

The days of duelling at dawn for your honour are thankfully in the past - and I don’t mean this disrespectfully, I’m just suggesting a bit of perspective would not go astray.



@anon72719171 Please reconsider your decision on leaving Roon because of forums.

The Internets is flooded by what I call “the Snake Oilers”. They are a few, but they are very noisy, and they are everywhere. Facebook groups too. These Slayers Of Snake Oil, basically say everything is Snake Oil, for everything good, there is something that sounds just the same for the fraction of the cost, we are duped by fraudster audio manufacturers, blah blah blah.

Learn to ignore them, find likeminded folks, and move on.

My two cents

Contained by the interpretation of the guidelines.

I did that and got no response, Mike didn’t respond to the conversation

Kind of suggests a discussion was had, my points weren’t answered, its not about disagreeing.

Once again “So MQA sounds good then, all the rest is talk”, how can a comment like that be moderated? I gave an example of an offensive comment which wasn’t moderated to compare with mine which was and asked how standards are applied.

I don’t think moderaters should tell people that they “can’t control themselves”. Apart from anything, that’s just bad manners. I’ll not pay a sub to an organisation that thinks that’s OK.

Anyway we’ve all got better things to do, I’ve got to sort out another platform, have fun!

Mike sent you a PM because your posts had been flagged more than 35 times by the Community. The thread contains 4 posts from Mike and 7 from you. There was a discussion, but there wasn’t a commitment to a lifelong correspondence.

The discussion stopped with a lack response from Mike when I compared an innocent moderated statement with an offensive unmoderated one.

A lifelong correspondence? Where did that come from? That is an unhelpful comment and unnecessary.

Flagged 35 times, the interesting statistic would be flagged by how many different users, i.e. was it just Crenca? You should have the wit to work out when your “system” is being abused by one or two individuals.

All this is unnecessary unless Roon is intent on having the last word. Your attitude is quite revealing though.

Currently 46 flagged posts by 11 different users.

Meh, he’s a rank amateur in this department :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I think the number of flags speak for themselves here.

When you first started getting flagged, I heard from others on the community letting me know you’ve caused problems on other sites, and advising me to make sure your interactions with other users remained civil. We’ve got a lot of outspoken users here, and people are generally able to disagree without being disagreeable, so I mostly ignored that feedback until you had well over 30 flags.

At that point I messaged you to let you know you need to either control yourself and operate within the guidelines of the site, or you can be the 2nd or 3rd person we’ve banned, ever.

As I mentioned then, people are allowed to be “wrong” here, over and over again. Criticism, even if it’s misguided or in-bad-faith, is tolerated so long as the target is not other community members.

People are allowed to love MQA, hate MQA, ignore MQA, or anywhere in-between, but people on both sides of this issue need to debate it without crossing the line – everyone needs to respond within the guidelines, or flag, or ignore. Those are the only options.

Anyone who routinely lets their anger boil over onto the site, to the point where they are continually getting flagged will get a warning followed by a ban – otherwise the community guidelines are worthless. It’s not that complicated, and it has nothing to do with free speech.

Since our conversation, you’ve received another 10 flags, and as of today nearly 60 posts of yours have had to be deleted. You still haven’t been banned, but you’re still accusing us of banning or silencing people.

I wish I had more time to help moderate this community site, but every second that my team or I spend debating flags is time they’re not supporting customers, and time I’m not shipping new features and improvements to Roon. And it takes time away from our moderators, who I think do an absolutely spectacular job every day holding down the fort and keeping things civil.

If people think our guidelines are being applied unevenly, or that our guidelines should be changed, they should feel to open a thread or message me privately – that’s great feedback and I’d like to know more – I take responsibility for what happens on this site, and it’s entirely possible we need some additional rules related to “grandstanding”. There are ways to propose those changes that don’t involve attacking others or ignoring the guidelines.

Ultimately numbers are numbers, and the rate at which you are accumulating flags and deleted posts is not sustainable for our site if we’re going to get anything done and keep things civil – if I let your infractions slide, I get accused of playing favorites the next time someone goes just a little bit further. The guidelines exist for a reason, hence my initial message to you.

Maybe you have other ideas, but I can only think of two reasons you’ve been flagged so many times, by so many people – either you’re having a tough time controlling yourself when responding to people you disagree with, or you simply don’t care about the guidelines and have no intention of following them.

If it’s the former, I would ask you again – respectfully – to get it together.

If it’s the latter, and you don’t plan to follow the same rules as everyone else, well then I’m running out of options. Across tens of thousands of people, we’ve banned maybe 2 people ever, so I hope everyone reading this is getting a clear picture for how our moderators and staff approach these issues.

I really wish moderation was never needed, and we’re very open to constructive feedback about how we can improve the discussion while ensuring everyone can say their piece and not be attacked.


Wow, Roon is rockin’ and rollin’

I disagree, it’s all about one topic, probably mostly one person but certainly the anti MQA gang. Lots of the comments are perfectly innocent as I’ve mentioned above (repeatedly). Deleting these very innocent comments speak volumes,

That’s hearsay but unsurprising, either tittle tattle from the anti MQA brigade-your “community” from CA or another (minority interest) site that virtually banned itself out of existence.

This is a really poor phrase to use, it’s really very insulting, it could be put much better. Comments need to be seen in the context of the conversation but moderating “manners cost nothing”? If that’s criticism targeting other members, you’re really stretching things, Crossing the line? From memory it was actually pointing out that someone else was being insulting (to a member), arguably supporting the community.

I don’t have a problem with moderating, it’s the level at which you’ve done it.

I’ve said I’m going, pretty clearly, so why this comment, a repetition of something I said I felt was highly patronising? You’ve seen me off! No more options needed.

Manners still cost nothing. Thanks for your time Mike, back to product development.