Modify EQ from Android phone

Would like to be able to modify EQ from android phone - can do it on tablet currently. At least would like to be able to change preset if not modify the eq curve.

You can use DSP presets.

I guess that will do the job. Not ideal if you have speaker distances set for specific zones and want to keep that but modify the EQ only.

Is there any chance of getting this implemented in the future?

99% of my time on roon is controlled via Android smartphone using a chord poly end point.

Having to fire up the laptop just to make a few EQ tweaks is ridiculous.

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You can save DSP profiles, including EQ and choose between them on your Android phone. I switch headphone profiles on my poly like this. Agree that a working GUI feature would be a nice touch but it’s likely to be fiddly…

I know. I have about 30 different presets at the moment just it is a pain in the arse that I can’t edit the EQ settings of any of them.

It’s nearly 2022 and your telling me there is no way to be able to edit EQ settings in a music playing software on android? It doesn’t even have to show the frequency response graph, it could just be text based.

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Fair comment. Shure do an android GUI for their headphones that’s not terrible but text based would be fine. I feel your pain in that I like to upload convolution filters and it’s impossible via the mobile clients for absolutely no reason I can imagine.

I couldn’t agree more. Just so you know, the iOS app has the same problem, not just on Android.

I was doubly shocked to find out recently that a cheap device like Wiim Mini/Pro can provide EQ on their phone apps.

Roon Team, you must know we don’t all listen to music at desktop where we have access to computers to make changes to EQ. Why not add this capability to the mobile apps?

Thank you.