Mojo2 considerations, still considering

So I recently decided to finally get a Mojo2 and test it out. Apparently, the whole web is in love with this little eccentric guy.

I have a Topping D50s/A50s/P50 on my pc and use it with Roon most of the time. Works flawlessly, especially with DSD, particularly classic, baroque music. Headphones I use Denon AH-D7200 and recently got Sennheiser ie300 iem as I wanted a portable setup. Portable dac, I’m using a Fiio Q3 MQA. Say whatever about MQA, but I like the sound of it, lossless or not it doesn’t matter. I’m using both Tidal and Qobuz via Roon of course.

So, coming back to the Mojo2, which I started using a few days ago but I’m doing A/B testing constantly as I’m eager to understand all the hype around it.
This goes without saying, I like its sound very much. Mojo2 alone, is great! But I wanted to test it with the Fiio Q3 and boy if it’s tricky. Differences are very settled (as they usually are) and I’m still not sure if the Mojo2 price is justified. I appreciate all the details, I appreciate greatly having a dedicated port to charge and one for connection even if it’s still the ridiculous micro USB. While traveling is not an ideal scenario as I have to carry multiple cables, but again, I like the separation.
In my tests the battery wasn’t even near the 8 hours declared by Chord btw, I reached 4, top. Connected to a computer.
But at the end of the day, I was able to tell the difference in sound, particularly using Qobuz, Mojo2 is getting more from it. But when it comes to MQA (like it or not), not that much of a difference, surely not four times, as it’s the difference in price between the two DAC.
I can now hear a “that’s why you shouldn’t use MQA”… :slight_smile:

Funny enough, using the Mojo2 with my Denon headphones didn’t make crazy differences compared to what I have.
But I tried to hook it up (3.5 to RCA) to my very humble 2 channel av receiver, Denon DRA-800H with a pair of Dali Oberon 7, and boy oh boy, it changed A LOT. I was amazed by the result.

So what this experience is telling me? Probably to upgrade my Denon setup and/or buy a Hugo, right? :slight_smile: Well, not ready yet unfortunately.

So that’s it, that’s my experience so far all and all I’m very happy and it’s an enjoyable device, but I still have reservations. I think I’m going to return it for now. Using it as a portable devices seems a bit overkill to me, compared to other more affordable dacs. Let’s say I’ll wait for the real redesign which is going to be the Mojo3.
Good thing is, I can now master the colored balls, which is already A LOT :slight_smile:


I was thinking about Mojo 2 myself but went for Topping G5. It is roughly half the price and has great SQ.

I love my Mojo 2 with both Tidal and Qobuz. But, the Mojo 2 is not an MQA DAC so you don’t get the total MQA effect with it. I have other DAC’s for the full MQA and other portable DACs for “out and about.”

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