Monitoring a Roon new launch / more joy without Metadata-Optimizer (in the first step)

XMG CORE 17 (AMD) 17.3" Full HD IPS | 144Hz

NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2060 Refresh | 6 GB GDDR6

2x32 GB (64 GB) DDR4-3200 Samsung

intern 2 x SSD (M.2) 2 TB Seagate FireCuda 520 | PCIe 4.0 x4 | NVMe

Rivet Networks Killer Wi-Fi 6 AX1650x | Bluetooth 5.1

Betriebssystem: Manjaro Linux KDE-Plasma-Version: 5.24.5
KDE-Frameworks-Version: 5.93.0 Qt-Version: 5.15.3
Kernel-Version: 5.17.6-1-MANJARO (64-bit)
Grafik-Plattform: X11
Prozessoren: 16 × AMD Ryzen 7 4800H with Radeon Graphics
Speicher: 62,3 GiB Arbeitsspeicher
Grafikprozessor: AMD RENOIR

plus external WD Elements Desktop externe Festplatte 12 TB (kompatibel mit USB 3.0 und USB 2.0, hohe Übertragungsraten, stoßfest, robustes Gehäuse) schwarz

everything directly wired

AVM FRITZ!Box 7490 WLAN AC + N Router (VDSL/ADSL, 1.300 Mbit/s (5 GHz), 450 Mbit/s (2,4 GHz), DECT-Basis, Media Server)


Sharkoon Mobile DAC, externe USB Type C Soundkarte, Hi-Res Audio with Grundig V7000 and beyerdynamic DT 770 PRO 250 Ohm Over-Ear-Studiokopfhörer in schwarz. Geschlossene Bauweise, kabelgebunden für Studioanwendung ideal zum Abmischen im Studio


There are about 646000 titles after many weeks in the Roon database and in the last hour 5 albums have been added. I need 7 lives to get this done, which only takes one day in rebuild with Foobar2000.

Even if I wait another 100 years, I won’t be able to live out my love for Roon at this rate. What I experience I show illustrated in the next description. Here no marketing helps, only the better program code. Roon could once do it very well, but my rebuild is faltering. The problems found now are not dependent on the operating system. It is illustrated only at Manjaro.

Weitere Beschreibung und Illustration

05/19 12:27:17 Info: Starting RoonServer v1.8 (build 943) stable on linuxx64
05/19 12:27:17 Trace: [roondns] loaded 31 last-known-good entries
05/19 12:27:17 Trace: Checking if we are already running
05/19 12:27:17 Warn: get lock file path: /tmp/.rnsems0-roon
05/19 12:27:17 Trace: Nope, we are the only one running
05/19 12:27:17 Info: Is 64 bit? True

I first start the GUI with PlayOnLinux, because this way I don’t get crashes in release 1.8-943

My process monitoring shows no overloads 2 or 4 minutes later and Roon is there in a few minutes.

However, the programming has a small error:

The GUI (Roon.exe for Windows) is started reliably with Wine (PlayOnLinux) as long as the Roon server is not yet running.

However, the Windows audio devices (WASAPI) that are not available here are then also offered. Linux Alsa devices are not recognized and nothing can be played.

None of these devices can be activated and made to play.

The well-read person can help himself thanks to the community and helpful team members and recognizes the problem and the solution to the problem.

The restart is clearly visible in the process monitor.

Unfortunately, no solution, because now not only the audio devices are missing, but also the Qobuz login. Only Windows devices are still displayed, which do not work under Linux.

The last tip for unsolved problems is still to turn everything off and reboot from the router completely.

Process monitoring continues after the launch. I wait with the start of the GUI until the Roon server runs more quietly.

and fail

In the starting phase is the worm. The graphical interface and the server do not get along properly. This does not only affect Linux. Other users report the startup problems with other configurations as well.

So far, the only solution is to try several times. I have read that some needed up to 13 attempts. I have still had these failed attempts:

After that, only Qobuz reports the missing login. Other customers feel it with Tidal.

After a lot of trial and error, I have my functioning and set up Alsa devices.

So I can watch the scanning of the USB drive calmly.

However, almost nothing happens after that. Only an album after many minutes is not a workable solution.

oh yet another album

After almost an hour, I enjoy Foobar2000 again as a replacement.

Dear Uwe

As you are not new to Roon, may I ask why you have to rebuild your library? It doesn’t look or sound like a new setup to me.

To a message along the lines of “Waiting for you Roon Core …”? Or does the UI come up completely, which will bring up the question to what Core it is connected. Did you probably once clicked on “Use this PC as your Roon Core”, making the Roon in its wine bottle the Core?

By the size of your library, did you disable the background audio analysis in Roon’s Settings|Library and is it still off?

I know, so many questions and now answers - but it’s the only things I can offer so far after reading your postings.

Dear BlackJack,

thank you for the reply and the offer of help. Questions are the key to answers and we all want to learn together publicly. That’s what makes a competent and helpful community. Of course, no one wants to be the one affected, but problems can never be ruled out in the per mil range and I have had very good experiences with Roon so far.

If I didn’t start Roon at the weekend, I could add 300000 to 400000 music titles to the database in one day. There is without system change here now a brutal system brake in it. Well the hard disk is new and much faster in writing and reading.

I have the cheap Roon setup already many months (years) unchanged in use. As the older 7 x 3 TB external hard drives have been upgraded to larger and faster drives, I have done this reboot (false start so far).

I like the detachment of GUI and server, but it would be worth a try to start both as “Use this PC as your Roon Core”. Reading about the startup problems with other clients, operating systems, even the nucleus doesn’t give me much hope though. Incidentally, I’ve always configured this way without problems so far.

Of course, I have turned off the background audio analysis.

Did you backup the original install and then restore or are you rebuilding from first principles?

Is it possible for you to use a backup? This may overcome the need for rebuilding the library. At least, that is what it looks like to me - a complete rebuild of your library that usually goes along with all your edits and the likes gone and forgotten (but just guessing here, you need to check).

IMHO no. There is obviously no such question for Roon Server and having two competing Cores on the same machine doesn’t makes sense and is likely to cause a lot of problems.

I am rebuilding the whole database now that the 7 old hard drives are missing.

No, that does not help me, because the music titles are not simply copied from A to B. So it’s more than just swapping the drive/folder. Now everything follows a so far very successful part scheme of initial letter plus

$cut(%album artist%,50)/$cut(%album%,80) [’[’%date%’]’ ]%H%/$num(%discnumber%,2)%tracknumber%. [$cut(%artist%,50) - ]$cut(%title%,50)

This makes for powerful designations that are not too long and consistent. For samplers, the initial letter is replaced by vintages 19xx 200x or 2021 2022. This is well illustrated under Foobar2000.

If everything Roon related is setup properly then even scanning a massive library should obviously not take years. So something is possibly throttling your machine. I think Roon Labs Support/QA needs to take a look at your logs, maybe they a re able to see more clear what’s going on.

Anecdote: I once used a similar WD Elements Desktop external drive back in the days when 4 TB were still considered huge. It used that ugly 2 part mini USB3 connector that nowadays no one seems to use anymore. Using the cable that came with it, the connection was very flaky to say the least.
Maybe worth to check in your system logs if the drive is stable connected as USB3 device with full speed.

This is in line with my long experience with Roon, which is now no longer valid. If it was the USB connection, I would notice it elsewhere, but here everything has become much faster than it was with old 3 TB.

There are obviously rare conditions that suddenly cause problems, but only with Roon.

The Linux Roon server running in the background is already the best I could set up. If necessary, a GUI is started, but the work with the database continues without a GUI.

Log data today: why 50825mb Virtual?

46556 entries for problem containment interesting perhaps these:

no mark time log
4 x 05/19 12:42:56 Warn: get lock file path: /tmp/.rnsems0-roon
239 x 05/19 12:42:58 Warn: [metadata_context.cs][tidal] SetCollection 1, collection: tidal-de
246 x 05/19 12:42:58 Warn: [metadata_context.cs][qobuz] SetCollection 1, collection: qobuz-de
556 x 05/19 12:45:22 Warn: [qobuz] [http] error result from http request: Request canceled due to timeout
557 x 05/19 12:45:22 Warn: [metadata_context.cs][qobuz] SetCollection 1, collection: <>
1741 x 05/19 12:52:22 Warn: [metadata_context.cs][qobuz] SetCollection 1, collection: qobuz-de
18721 x 05/19 14:48:54 Warn: [identification] requeueing album that failed due to network (identifyalbum)
39909 x 05/19 17:36:51 Trace: [identification] <444463> Identifying album [Bryan Adams - 18 Til I Die] with 1 tracks
39910 x 05/19 17:36:52 Critical: scx: Sooloos.Broker.Remoting.RemotingException: failed to look up object id 566646
39911 x at Sooloos.Broker.Remoting.RemotingServer._GetRemoteObject(Int64 oid)
39912 x at Sooloos.Broker.Remoting.RemotingServer.OnCall(Nullable`1 rid, Byte[] r)
39913 x at Sooloos.S ynchronizationContextThread._Dispatch(SendOrPostWrapper& ret)
39914 x 05/19 17:36:53 Info: [stats] 49897mb Virtual, 14782mb Physical, 6242mb Managed, 356 Handles, 113 Threads
39915 x 05/19 17:36:59 Trace: GetImageData[Local](id=590978 spec=256 key=yfqhbaaa) => gotfromcache=False missinglocalimage=False didscale=True scaletime=5), overalltime=5ms
05/19 12:42:56 Info: Starting RoonServer v1.8 (build 943) stable on linuxx64
05/19 18:19:53 Info: [stats] 50825mb Virtual, 15542mb Physical, 8189mb Managed, 356 Handles, 97 Threads

Status 20:14

Status 20:14 - 20:19

Playing it is a pain. It took until 20:17 so 3 minutes until Nils Frahm started and the unsuccessful change from track 1 to track 2 was aborted by me at 20:19. So you can not build databases with joy and enjoy musically.

no mark time log
7057 x 05/19 19:33:41 Warn: [metadata_context.cs][tidal] SetCollection 1, collection: <>
7630 x 05/19 19:36:10 Warn: [metadata_context.cs][tidal] SetCollection 1, collection: tidal-de
9447 x 05/19 19:44:25 Trace: [identification] <9960751> Identifying album [Various Artists - Gems from the Warner Brothers Vault (Pt. 1)] with 23 tracks
11591 x 05/19 19:52:22 Warn: [metadata_context.cs][tidal] SetCollection 1, collection: <>
12190 x 05/19 19:54:58 Warn: [metadata_context.cs][tidal] SetCollection 1, collection: tidal-de
16489 x 05/19 20:15:37 Warn: [transport/module] _PlayTracks, after gettrackplaybackinfo, tracks.count: 1
16816 x 05/19 20:16:37 Warn: [transport/module] _PlayTracks, after gettrackplaybackinfo, tracks.count: 18
16909 x 05/19 20:16:38 Warn: [transport/module] _PlayTracks, after gettrackplaybackinfo, tracks.count: 18
17056 x 05/19 20:17:01 Warn: [music_analysis] network error or timeout while fetching analysis info for track id 166882610
17728 x 05/19 20:19:24 Warn: Sooloos.JSONExtensions.JSONException: JSON: missing required field: analysis
17975 x 05/19 20:20:26 Warn: Sooloos.JSONExtensions.JSONException: JSON: missing required field: analysis

you can try decrease number of cpu cores used for library scanning :
Settings → Library → [background|on-demand] audio analysis speed

@maniac thanks for this idea, but I have turned off the background audio analysis. @BlackJack has the same idea and I read this solution in other threads without help for me.

It’s not that Roon is completely down, it’s just currently terribly slow in database building.

12:30 yesterday 640121 tracks today 18:30 in the evening:

There is this important help section for slowness and login issues.

I wanted to make sure again that I had taken that into account. Since the described problems occurred despite consideration, I have test back to the ISP DNS. It looks no worse now. I continue to observe.



New Day more Fun?

The system has plenty of reserves in all directions. The logs do not show any errors. The logins to Qobuz and Tidal were error-free. Continuously (but very slowly) the database fills up.

20220521 19:13

A long way to 1.5 million


Roon is currently analyzing my samplers from 2015, much of which is no longer available on the web. No albums, no pictures, maybe a known title on another album.

Presumption of the cause:

Samplers make Roon a lot of work, so the program does not progress very quickly here.

20220522 17:25

Neuer Test

Slowly the squirrel feeds. In the meantime, I found out that the DNS recommendations are actually somewhat better than those of my Internet provider. But the difference is not significant. Trying to play music with Roon today was too agonizing. I had to switch again to Foobar2000. Now comes the next test without Qobuz and Tidal. Let’s see if these services or just the Amazon Cloud (AWS) contributes to the failure here.

Roon is playing without Tidal and Qobuz and all ist faster, Pictures are there…joyfull

one nice piece after the other without breaks and interruptions, no customer wants more

Full Tracklist

There are a lot of nuts to crack at Roon, I really like these.

Please work to make Roon a flawless lovers dream again for all. Thanks for this

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Did U comsider adding the files in a smaller amount to the roon database? I wouldn’t be surprised if scanning over 600k files at once is a big no-no for most software.

Never mind, dumb question.

I had already read in my database consisting of 7 x 3 TB completely at Roon and was happy. Now I have switched to 2 x 12 TB and Roon is struggling through the samplers. I was able to read in 300000 to 400000 music titles in one day. Currently it is not 3000 to 4000.

Foobar2000 reads the 1.5 million in a day and I think JRiver and other recommendations are not worse.

Roon offers the service of identification and classification in a nice picture and text context. So far, unfortunately, according to the 80 :20 rule (the large part remains without identification).

@MarcMarc Nevertheless, I love Roon and its way of dealing with music. It just has to read and play without errors. My system is powerful enough to handle that and I think the Roon concept would be too, if the debugging remains successful.