Monitoring a Roon new launch / more joy without Metadata-Optimizer (in the first step)

If you are not already doing so, when using Roon for music. Turn off automatic audio analysis completely. Leave ON Demand on. Then turn audio analysis back on when not using Roon to listen to music.

With a library that size I would absolutely not be using a mobile based CPU. Roon mainly uses a single core, so a desktop CPU with the fastest single core speed would be the best option, imho. My Roon Core for a library that size would be a based around an Intel Core i9-9900K.

Thank you Daniel,

I have had such great Roon experiences with this machine with older releases of 1.7 and 1.8 version. Now everything is much slower. DNS IPv4 audio analysis off…now Qobuz and Tidal turned off…only one local hard drive, no other interfering processes, headless with no GUI with the Linux server…just looking occasionally to see if reboot needed to lift performance again.

I also watched the cores. In the first two minutes everything is a bit hectic across multiple cores, then the cores alternate in load, one always going towards 100% and alternating with other cores. This machine would even be slightly ahead according to this benchmark:

Only when many cores are needed at the same time does the Intel CDU push slightly ahead. Before that, Ryzen wins the race.

The database Linux Server and the Windows-Wine-GUI were fast in release 952. Tidal and Qobuz remain switched off for now and with many restarts (release 943) I made better progress today.

My observation of the processor cores is well summarized here:

The utilization patterns have not changed with the 952 release. The top three observations are shown overlapping so that you can recognize beginnings and ends by the arrows. After that, it gets quieter for many minutes and I was able to omit many images. Only at the bottom it becomes more hectic again at the end. The scan of the harddisk is finished and the Wine Gui can be started without error messages.

If you try it before, you will get the familiar error message:

For all my love of Roon, there’s a can of worms in development right now. Abi Tucker calls it self sabotage.

I have given up trying to get to the finish line with release 1.8-952. The above problem was not solved, but pushed into another protocol corner.

The metadata servers are not performing and we are looking for the problems in our clients, which work much better with this little test without optimizers in release 1.8-943.

Turn off the optimizer until it shows performance and response! Then it goes blazing fast:

05/24 13:43:07 Info: Starting Roon v1.8 (build 943) stable on windows

In less than 3 hours the big database is filled!

No stuttering, no device fail, no login problem…

Not your script (German Drehbuch)?

Not sure if it helps you in any way, but as I like your statistics from Roonserver logs , here is my last 30days overview of various server-specific data taken from the same logfiles on my Roonserver: Bear in mind it’s “only” about 9700 albums (including Tidal/Qobuz).

Indeed I see drop in performance in last week or so in the graph, but from user perspective it’s not visible for me. But I have my Library quite stable for years regarding new music - with very few additions here-and-there…

In general I would like to understand why are you using Wine - as Roonserver runs natively on Linux. For the client I would recommend supported clients (iOS/Android/macOS/Windows) just to not complicate things when reporting issues.

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Now 1.8-952 without metadata optimizer!

05/24 17:50:45 Trace: GetImageData[Local](id=611110 spec=256 key=gauibaaa) => gotfromcache=False missinglocalimage=False didscale=True scaletime=8), overalltime=8ms

262 GetImage in 4345ms
Average 16ms

Good evaluation that makes any problems eye-catching.

If the 9700 albums have been scanned for years, problems with scanning and identification will no longer tangent your running system. The job has already been done well with other releases.

I am not a cell phone user, use it occasionally on the road for photography or mobile music listening. In the apartment building I have a strong DSL connection with a flat rate for the landline.

If the Linux server is already running, it can give me energy-saving also the GUI, the DAC and headphones, the speakers everything hangs in the living room wired to it.

Further observation:

With the metadata optimizer paused, I am now making better progress on Linux as well. As soon as I stream not only locally, but also from Qobuz, the performance collapses. Hardly any albums are fed, but half an album dear without interruption.

With Qobuz (album plays)

It is easy to see that the processors are much busier at the top and the RAM usage fluctuates just as significantly.

Without music:

Es ist Mittwoch der 25. Mai 2022

18 Uhr und Zeit um zu betrachten, was Roon heute im Neuaufbau geschafft hat:

Certainly a reason to be more satisfied.

To get there yesterday I had the Metadata Optimizer paused until all samplers were read in. HE is clearly a big performance brake.

Today, after deauthorizing the other core, I’m running the optimizer again, because I want to draw further conclusions in system behavior and speed.

It is acceptable if over 12,000 titles are recognized in one day. In fact, the throughput in the afternoon was 59151 minus 58636 = 515 albums. Here the status 12:21

For example, when my network is challenged in downloading, it shows many MB of throughput as shown here and constant trouble-free flow even over many days, weeks or months. The router shows virtually no interference even in the longer evaluation.

With Roon, my powerful system lies useless in the KB corner when the metadata optimizer is running.

The processors (cores) are hardly used and the RAM devices are used with the first third.

The better/faster responses are on the server side, if Roon wants it that way.

Unfortunately, the picture is always the same after a few hours of use:

The performance drops strongly, the Roon system tends to freeze, while the PC feels rather bored. Two hours on, not much has happened except wait, wait, wait…30 minutes later nothing happens

sleeping very well

and now systemctl restart roonserver

Another 30 Minutes after Restart plus 100 Albums

I think it’s the metadata optimizer that freezes our systems after a short time!

Did U ever consider that the problem could be somewhere with Linux ans wine?

Another question would be , do you really need 600k + tracks ?

Yes I have considered that and the problems with the metadata organizer occur independently of this GUI. I observe this with Window 10 and Window 11 as well. This optimization doesn’t seem to be in good hands with the purchased service at Amazon.

I think the question of how many music files, LPs, CDs or tapes we need is a very personal question that everyone will answer differently. I love Roon and my collection, what should I give up and in what order? I think the best common path leads to old strengths that Roon has shown before.

I’m happy to report this evening that with pausing Metadata Optimizer, I managed to get my hard drive P completely read in. Roon certainly manages a million tracks on my powerful system, if started very early in the morning and should finish before midnight. It’s like it used to be with version 1.7, I only had 824689 tracks missing yesterday.

Qobuz and Tidal showed no failures and were logged back in and made to play.

Enjoy a beautifully illustrated roon of world music from many decades from classical to ambient

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Wouldn’t it be much easier to just use Qobuz and tidal since you are using these services anyway?

I noticed you have really alot of low quality MP3s . A quick search on qobuz shows some of the album’s as Redbook releases.

But of course it’s entirely up to you and I’m just asking out of curiosity. Even if you can’t hear a difference like U mentioned in another post… I’m just wondering why going through all that trouble…

Looks like there are enough tracks in you library that you don’t have to listen to the same song twice If you play music 24/7 for the next 5-7 years

I’ve probably used every music service that still exists or once existed. I’ve been into streaming since the beginning of the millennium. At first, Steve Jobs fought with all his might and hunted down everything that didn’t want to dance to his tune. So MusicMatch was also buried/sold/discontinued…

Software from 1997 where also the beginnings of Roon/Sooloos are. If you want you can still fight your way through the history of RealNetworks Rhapsody & many more that have seen their demise. In the end Apple couldn’t even keep 800 million accounts on iTunes. Apple Muisc is also not a plant of its own, but grew out of MOG (online music) - Wikipedia and Beats Electronics - Wikipedia. The story of late entry is a marketing invention to cover up its own failures to compete. Nevertheless, every service should be reviewed every year to see how well it is performing, and we here have now decided on Qobuz and Tidal with Roon. This great love has understandable backgrounds, which are in the music quality and the great performance with a lot of context. When it runs flawlessly, it’s a dream without competition.

We should keep alternatives until eternal life on earth is invented.

There are more than a billion people here who will never join our niche because they don’t like snake oil. That’s where Soundcloud, Spotify & Co. score. Spotify has the best overall concept with Google as a service provider. There were simply a few investment steps AI of EchoNest, Niland & Co or the massive bought podcast advance thoughtful actions, where competitors run behind. Spotify was in the best position early on with Distrokid to even scare the big Universal, Warner and Sony enough to give up shares to reconcile. The major labels were struggling even with moderate success. See on this complex of topics

The package went to the smaller Tidal. There is certainly more collaboration going on in the background than we suspect. The few games show that competitors only invest when Spotify is already one step ahead. Of course, they want to retain influence in the remaining cooperation.

The priority HiRes2021 was a fake to lure Apple and Amazon very early and cost-intensively into a market that was just emerging. There is no need for haste until market observations report a major turnaround. At the moment, Spotify is still growing very superior in absolute numbers and is aiming for one billion customers. We believe we have the best technical solutions here, and we’re absolutely certain to grow a thousand times slower. It is actually the case that even Apple managers admit that the mass of customers can not hear it on your devices. I am no exception, but now on the lossless path. In fact, my ears are so bad that I will probably never savor the capabilities of my DAC.

Because I love Roon and my collection and this is the benchmark for me:

Even if Roon could do everything right, there is the Amazon AWS, Tidal or Qobuz that have already died out like a dozen services in this environment. No music service allows you performant to love such libraries also not the market leader and the now eternal second. I also have many titles that have never been released on CD, that you could only buy second hand and where artists have decided not to release it for streaming. It’s a very personal collection that will never exist a second time as a copy and will only lose meaning with my passing.

Yes it is hobby, personal experience of what Enno described so beautifully. Unfortunately, he also can not influence alone what of it how long and stable remains alive. I wish Roon success and the wisdom not to let us old dinosaurs die out, then they are no longer nerdy!

I hope I haven’t left out any style in my collection and discover something new every day. Massive tie-ins well illustrated plus background information goes with Roon. I don’t want to rely only on personal recommendations but also AI, not only but also listen to albums. Starting with an empty database is much more troublesome than with 80,000 artists willingly opening the gateway to your millions of relatives via Roon.

I share the fate of never hearing the billion songs that will soon be available online with every streamer, but I still find the music world varied without the internet, even if artists don’t give concerts because of Corona and everything physical is given away, I’m left with my personal digitalization and rediscovery away from the streaming world.

Heart what more do you want?

Let’s praise Roon seven times

Things are going well now, but the metadata optimizer may cause trouble again later.

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