Monkey's Audio APE Support

I would like to add a request for Monkey’s Audio .ape format support.


Please, please, please! I’d love to have wavepack and monkey’s audio (ape). Many of my files are in these formats and it’ll take me ages to convert. Thanks!

@music, @GusGranite, @walcir, @cgw: I understand the hybrid aspect of Wavpack (if you use it), but I don’t understand why anyone uses Monkey’s Audio anymore. FLAC clearly won, due to its openness and great implementation.

Just trying to get an understanding of why people have these formats. Is it just legacy and you don’t have a good way to convert, or is there something more? Nothing wrong with the former, but I want to make sure I’m not missing something here.

Plain laziness here.

If it it weren’t supported I’d probably convert those few albums eventually.

Converting the lot whilst preserving tags is a trivial exercise using dbpoweramp’s batch converter.


Yes, dbpoweramp with the batchconverter is the perfect solution. Using the full suite already for years. Nothing better out there. 10000 tracks once set-up should take approx 5-6 hours depending on your hardware. But agreed, if roon can support added codecs, why convert…

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OK, I have finished converting all of my .ape classical rips. It took three days so bit of a pain but now I can see them in Roon.


Best option in my view. The more audio formats that are supported for corner cases the more bloat we add to what needs to be a lean music server.


do people use wavepack and monkey’s audio anymore?

i stopped using both about 6 years ago. if there is demand, we can looking into adding support.

Personally I wouldn’t bother adding it unless it’s a simple drop in. APE and Wavepack are easily transcoded to FLAC.

I agree

Why waste development time when there are plenty of ways to get round it for those in that scenario.

Don’t want to stop users getting full benefits of Roon but if I can make sure that everything is in FLAC format anyone can!

Much rather see streaming radio in place before supporting Betamax equivalents of audio codecs :blush: