[Mono] [Stereo] albums show as one album with duplicate tracks [answered]

I have the same album in different folders with [Mono] and [Stereo] after the album name. Roon imports them as a single album with duplicate tracks.

Is there a way to break them out into 2 separate albums? It’s not clear to me, how to achieve this.

Hi Jeff,

I’d suggest using Edit/Fix Track Grouping to create two albums, one with the mono tracks and one with the stereo tracks. You may also want to edit in [Mono] and [Stereo] to the title of each album.

Well I started down that road but it was more complicated than it was worth. I ended up leaving the Mono and Stereo version in a single CD rips instead of breaking them into 2 albums as there was a second disc of bonus tracks as well that complicated things. Ten Years After self titled reissue is the album in particular.

Hey @DrTone – if these albums are in different folders, we should definitely be treating them as separate albums.

That said, if you made any edits to the “merged” album, Roon will consider that album to be sanctioned by you and won’t split it apart unless you take action in Roon, as @andybob mentioned above.

I’m interested to know how they ended up grouped in the first place – are they split into discs properly (Disc 1, Disc 2, etc) or are the files interleaved (Track 1, Track 1, Track 2, Track 2). What do the folders look like on disc? What about the tags? Same album name? All Disc 1 of 1?

If you can answer the questions above, we’ll be able to get a better sense of why Roon didn’t get this right. Thanks!

They were in separate folders and had album names that matched the folder name.

Ten Years After [Disc 1] [Mono]
Ten Years After [Disc 1] [Stereo]
Ten Years After [Disc 2]

Maybe I should have done 3 disc numbers but then it wouldn’t have matched your online meta data.

Thanks Jeff. I would actually like to get a look at the files here – it’s possible we could do better here.

I’ll follow up via PM and give you a way to zip up the whole folder and send it over. Stand by!

Hey @DrTone – I looked at the media you sent and unfortunately, I don’t think we’ll be able to support this kind of directory grouping. The way you have these folders arranged, Roon is always going to consider the Disc 1 folders to all be the same album, at which point the files will be considered dupes.

While renumbering one of these to be a 3rd disc would work, you’re right that you wouldn’t get a hit in our database.

What I would recommend here is that you move one of the Disc 1s on level up – I think you’ll do a lot better here if the folders were arranged like this:

  • Ten Years After [Disc 1] [Mono]
  • Ten Years After
    • Ten Years After [Disc 1] [Stereo]
    • Ten Years After [Disc 2]

Let me know if that answers your question here. Thanks!

Don’t we think that adding a field for stereo/mono would be helpful going forward? It’s always helpful to note, especially for all of the older jazz stuff that btw sounds best in its original format…

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