Moon 380D Question [Resolved]

@support I’m running Roon 1.4 (build 306) on a Mac Mini (Sierra 10.13.3). The Mini is connected by USB to a Moon 380D DAC. The display on the DAC is not changing to reflect the sample rate of the track being played. I also run PureMusic on this Mini, and when I do that the DAC display changes to show the correct sampling rate. So, this seems to be a Roon/Moon integration issue. Any help?

Hello @Douglas_Kline,

In the Roon device setup page for the Moon 380D DAC, have you enabled the “Use Exclusive Mode” option? If this is disabled, Roon audio will be routed through your operating system’s audio mixer, which may resample audio to a fixed rate.


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Appears to have fixed it! Many thanks!

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