Moon 380d with nucleus plus

I’m thinking about buying a used Moon 380d dsd, mind2 with preamplifier option.
I already have a Nucleus plus I use with USB connection on my preamp dac.
The Moon 380d is roon ready and tested.
Do you think it’s better to use an ethernet connexion for Moon 380d and Nucleus or to use Nucleus as a streamer and connect th Moon with usb?
Thanks for your help

Ethernet every time for me. But it really doesn’t matter. You can try either and just stick with the one that works for you.

To expand on my first sentence, I think USB is sufficiently inconsistent across platforms to be problematic for me. Ethernet was much more consistent.

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Thanks for your answer
can you play dsd256 files through Ethernet connexion on the Moon?
Is there a difference in SQ between both connexions ?
My Ethernet cable is long (10m) and my Nucleus very near from the streamer (0.3m) connected with a short usb cable and I should use a router to have two Ethernet connexions on Moon and Nucleus.
Does it makes a difference in SQ to use Nucleus streamer or Moon streamer?

I don’t know the 380D but my 390 plays DSD256 without any problems through Ethernet connection.
My opinion is that Ethernet connection is better, silent is more pronounced, but I never tested with a Nucleus connected via USB.
My advice is to buy an Ethernet switch and connect both Nucleus and Moon on it. Keep a short Ethernet cable between the switch and the Moon. The Nucleus doesn’t need to be near the Moon 380D, my Roon server are on other room, I don’t like to have computers near my HI-FI, they tent to be noisy, acoustical and electromagnetic.
There are some audiophiles switch and some of those who tested it said they improves the SQ, I didn’t test any of those audiophiles switch but I was surprised that a inexpensive switch with an iFi power supply near the Moon improved a little the SQ, mine have a plastic case, I, probably in the future, try one switch with a metallic case and I will try ground the case. I haven’t an explanation for this improvement, maybe the 7m Ethernet cable could have some relation with it.

Thanks for your advice
My ethernet cable is 10m.
I’ll try to connect the Nucleus before this cable which is very near from my computer and switch and use my long ethernet cable straight to the 380dsd

Always ethernet :slight_smile: