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I’m currently taking advantage of the 2 week trial for Roon. I’m running Roon core on my IMac and I’m using my IPad Pro to run Roon through my Simaudio 390. I’m still a bit confused about the audio settings that I should use for my Simaudio 390. At this time I don’t want to use DSP and I’m just interested in getting the best quality sound out of my 390. I’m currently using the Simaudio 390 as a decoder and renderer in the audio settings menu. I’m confused as to whether I should enable or disable the MQA core decoder. Any recommendations? Also why do I see enhanced in the Signal Path header?

Are you using Roon through ethernet to the 390 ?

Hello @Bernie_Martin,

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Roon Ready devices (including the Moon 390) automatically configure themselves for the best audio settings, no fussing around with configuration is required.

When playing MQA, you will see the “Enhanced” Signal Path status because the MQA Full Decoder process is considered an “Enhanced” state.

For the best performance you should leave the MQA Core Decoder enabled. Roon’s MQA Core Decoder will only be activated if you decide to enable a DSP Engine operation like headroom management, parametric EQ, or volume leveling.


John/ Outlaw
So it’s best to use the default settings for the Simaudio 390 that are shown on the Roon audio settings? And yes I have a hard connection to the Simaudio 390. My IMac has a hard connection to my router and there is a hard connection from my router to the Simaudio 390.

Hello @Bernie_Martin,

Yes, for the best performance you should use the default settings for the Moon 390.


Thanks for your quick response and help. My head was spinning after reading through hundreds of posts and I just needed someone to point me in the right direction for the specific equipment that I am using.

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