Moon HAD230 NEO DAC/headphone amp


Just when I thought I understand things, I realize I don’t. Proud owner of a HAD230 NEO which I set up on Saturday. I went on a bit of a buying spree and bought DSD64, DSD128 and DSD256 recordings as the owner’s manual says all 3 formats are supported. Results for DSD64 and DSD128 as expected. DSD LED lights up and in the latter case so does 2X. However, when playing a DSD256 file, the HAS230 reports 44.1K x 2 x 4 (352800). I was expecting DSD and 4X. I use Roon as my front end and it tells me that the for DSD256" “Formats in red require conversion during playback”. DSD256 is red (everything else is green),. The album is “Hope” by Robert Len and Roon reports DSF DSD256 (DSD-DSF 11.2896 MHz). Can you please help me understand what might be going on? (I am new to this). I don’t want to spend extra dollars on DSD256 if it gets down sampled. Thanks for your time.


256 only when you use the USB input, do you?

Yes, USB. Thanks.

And you install the MOON DSD driver?

I had one for a little while, I don’t think DSD256 was an option on OSX. Usually windows and ASIO are required for DSD256.

Just ran into this over the weekend with the 780D. The native OSX and Linux drivers don’t support anything higher than DSD128 as they require DoP and the DAC doesn’t report a PCM sample rate that’s high enough. In order to play DSD256 you’ll need to use Windows with the Simaudio drivers.

Thank you for your response DrTone. I believe you. FWIW, I downloaded and read the HAD230 manual before purchasing it. I also have an iMac. The HAD230 manual says:

If you intend to use the USB input connection (PCM or DSD) with a Windows-based computer, you will need
to install our USB HD DSD driver, which can be
downloaded from the support section of our website.

Note: Apple-based computers don’t require this driver.

There was a 1 page insert (1 side in English, one side in French) and it says:

If you are using a MAC OS based computer, there is no need to install any hardware drivers. Simply connec your computer to your MOON DAC using a USB cable.

SimAudio should make clearer MAC and DSD265 don’t work. I haven’t been ab;e to find a disclaimer in any of their documentation. I have sent them a note and will post their response if one arrives. Again, many thanks for your help.