Moon Neo 380 - DSD Limit 128

Same issue with my Moon neo 380 dsd.( I own a nucleus plus)
My 380dsd works fine with usb connexion but I have two issues:
-It stays limited to dsd128 ( its sold to work at 64, 128 and 256 on USB but Roon setting does not propose higher than dsd128)
-It does not work on Ethernet connexion: Have you found a solution to allow Roon to see my Moon with Ethernet connexion?
Thanks for your help

It may only go up to 128 with Linux (nucleus) the moon site mentions driver needed for 256 under windows.

Have you checked that the Mind works and that it actually is a Mind 2? (The Mind 1 does not support Roon Readiness)

And, like Ged said, DSD256 is only available in native DSD mode, which to me meant i had to use an old Windows machine with the proper ASIO drivers to achieve this.
I have a similar DAC-module in my Moon 430HAD

I’ve found the answer. My player has Mind1 steamer and Mind 1 doesn’t play dsd on Ethernet input.
I need to upgrade for that with a new Mind2 card.
I’ll tell you how it works with the new upgrade also including AirPlay

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You do know just how much that Mind2 upgrade is going to cost don’t you?
If not I would make sure you are sitting down first…:wink:

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