Moose was great, I miss it

Moose was great, I miss it.

I see that there a lot of Squeezeboxers who have switched to Roon. So do you still use your Squeezebox devices? I’m still using mine since I just started with Roon a few weeks ago. I now feel kind of liberated from the LMS world and with Roon I can much more easily find a replacement or upgrade for my aging Squeezeboxen. However once I found out that Roon added support for Squeezebox devices I figured it was time to give it a try and aside from my little outlined above I am really glad that I gave Roon a try. I’m in for at least a year since I’m ready to make the lifetime jump. I’m old enough to know that tech comes and goes. Need any 8 track tape cartridges? Or cassettes?

As for moose, believe it or not moose never had problems or issues in dealing with my large music library other than the time it took to update moose’s database after a LMS rescan.

Yes, I have a Classic 3, Boom and a Touch all in operation around the house.

All my squeezebox devices have been relegated to boxes. Much easier to use other endpoints.

Still use 2 Touch (with EDO) and a Classic 3. Will probably continue to use them until they die of old age. The only gripe I have is that the play controls (skip/play/pause) often stop working on the Touches. Only a restart of the core seems to fix that problem. @Support, is this a known issue?

As I wrote, just a gripe as I use iOS devices as remotes.

I’m a little puzzled by your comment.

In what way are other endpoints easier to use? Setting up all my Squeezeboxes (I have seven in use) on Roon was fairly easy once I figured out how to do it, i.e. I had to manually switch the Library on each device. Aside from the loss of control via the Squeezebox devices I really don’t miss LMS plus Roon provides a much more useful and informative user interface.

Is there an improvement in the sound over the Squeezeboxes?

How do these endpoints compare cost wise?

Yes, you are right, maybe not so much easier to use but I can get more functionality and better sound quality. For example a rpi with allo boss dac hat and 7.5" screen gives me album art and control and IMHO better sound quality. As for price you can spend $35 odd to tend of thousands of dollars…

Okay so I had to look up the above since I’m not DIY kinda guy. I figured that the “rpi” stood for raspberry pi and I found out what the Allo Boss DAC hat is but where does the screen go? And much control versus the SB Touch?

Oh and there are those multi-thousand dollar music streamers which are just rpi’s in a machined aluminum case with a 4" screen.:astonished:

The rpi attaches to the back of the screen. I haven’t tried with my touch but can you control roon with it? The multi thousand dollar endpoints are much more than a rpi based system with screen. Think dcs rossini or auralic aries for example.

I guess what I am trying to say is squeezebox was great but things have moved on. I wish logitech had continued to develop squeezebox but they didnt.

I didn’t mean to disparage all mega-buck music streamers but there are few pi’s in sheep’s clothing out there. You know old “buyer beware” adage.

However whether or not there needs to be mega-buck music streamers at all is a different discussion.