More about dropouts [Resolved - Swapped out switch]

Been working through to resolve dropouts for some time, especially with hires material. It recently got much worse = unplayable with hires mqa tidal albums. Servers, networks, switches are all configured properly and well above roon recommend. Internet to home is 300Mbps+. Recent discovery is that there are no dropouts if I control from the machine running the core. But if I try to control from an android device, dropouts are immediate. They also occur if roon control is running on the android device, even if not being used. I am aware that roon is pushing lots to the control app. Is there a minimum spec for tablets and phones? I note that the roon team is using iPad so you may not be seeing this. It’s almost like the core is waiting for the Android app and not getting the response it needs in time.

todays update - swapped out Netgear Nighthawk switch (which had all prioritites etc, switched off ) to a much older and simplet netgear switch . No dropouts now. Maybe too much technology in complex switches? Simpler is better !

Hey @David_Orchard_Orchar,

Glad to hear that you’re no longer experiencing the dropouts! When it comes to managed switches, or switches with some features of a managed switch, we have certainly seen similar reports. These types of switches often require some advanced configuration in order to work properly. We have some information about this in our Networking Guide if you’d like to look into it any further.

Happy listening!

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Another managed switch problem. Roon should come with a warning about these things.

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Well Sonos does. I recall seeing a list of ‘bad’ switches on their website when I started with Sonos, as well as a list of ‘good’ ones. The truth of course is more complicated than that but it is a start if you are not a technical user (most Sonos users I guess).

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