More and more credited performers from alternative album versions [Resolved]

Since last updates (1.7? 1.8?) i’m getting more and more extra performers in the credits not corresponding to my album, but eventually credited in different versions of the same album.

ismael lo and marc lavoine are not present in my version of the album. but happens to be present here, an ectended version:

@support, this is not absolutely an isolated case, due to wrong metadata in this album. i’m noticing this very, very, very often. and i know this has already been reported, but i don’t remember in which posts and could not find it.


Yes, thanks.
As i said, this is happening quite often. I suspect it’s an unwanted error in new (1.8?) roon version.

Hi @Niccolo_Terzi

As mentioned, this is something we have a ticket for. I can’t provide any timelines, but it’s something we are working to resolve.

Hey @Niccolo_Terzi.

We thank you for bringing these instances to our attention, where credits from deluxe or expanded editions are appearing on the original canonical releases.

I’m pleased to report again that this has been addressed and corrected on a number of titles, including the one you reported here.

We appreciate your continued assistance with these reports as we strive for a high degree of metadata accuracy in Roon.

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