More problems with Movistart Router for ARC

Roon Core Machine

Networking Gear & Setup Details

ROCK installed in Intel i5 NUC 11

Connected Audio Devices

Weiss DAC 202 usb

Number of Tracks in Library

2000 albums

Description of Issue

I did solve my initial problems with ARC configuration opening the correct port in my Movistart Router and canceling the VPN in my iPhone
Now I am able to open ARC , from my iPhone 13. But if I close it ,and I go out of home I can not re open ARC , I must go back home and reinstall ARC and reopen ARC.
If I do not close the ARC app and go out of home yes I can hear my Roon from outside.
I remind you that Movistart router have not the protocol indicated in the help page.
I did solve the problem just opening the port in the router.

Hi @francisco_gaston,

I’m assuming your description of your setup from your previous post remains accurate? ARC Movistar Router configuration (ESP) - #25 by francisco_gaston

To clarify, your ISP has provided a dedicated external IP address. After disabling the VPN on both your Core and iPhone and setting a manual port forwarding rule in your Movistar router, ARC was functioning outside the home via cellular data.

However, if you close ARC outside the home, it will fail to connect to your Core unless you reinstall? Does ARC freeze or hang, or do you receive any warnings before having to reinstall? A precise description of the symptoms will help us pinpoint the issue in logging.

Recent diagnostics confirm that ARC is losing connection to your Core when connected via cellular data and timing out when attempting to log back in. Are there any diagnostics displayed in Roon → Settings → Roon ARC? If port forwarding is still configured correctly, then the remaining possibilities are memory pressure on the phone (there’s evidence of this in logging) or the VPN continuing to interfere with ARC.

Thanks for help and looking this problem. Now I am again unable to connect ARC.
See the display that appears:

I have the VPN disabled in the Iphone.
As well I have the port open in the router.
As I did informed at the beginning the protocol mentoned in the instruction is not in Movistart router.