Most disappointing Speakers in the market - KEF LSX

I’ve had the KEF LSX for a week and it’s been nothing but troubleshooting. I have them hooked up with a sub and tuned the speakers high pass low pass etc however it keeps defaulting back to basic mode. I go back into the KEF control app and it’s not taking my profile into account basically stuck in basic mode.

I’ve factory reset the speakers multiple times, updated to the latest firmware and delete the app/profile numerous times without any luck.

I’ve been back and forward with KEF customer service sending them logs but their just not helpful at all.

I paid $1600 AUD and it’s a shame that their poorly designed app doesn’t work.

Feel better? How about returning them, talking to your dealer, or telling KEF?

Feel better? how about a company shouldn’t be selling a product that doesn’t work. Not only my experience with the KEF LSX many others too! It’s a well known issue once I started looking into it.

Speak to KEF? Ha good luck with their customer service. And I’ll be lucky to get a refund from the dealer I purchased it from.

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I’ve got an RMA on mine and will send back. They crackle after 24 hours or so. Annoying.
I found wi-fi useless and wired works well, outside of the crackling, mind you.

Good luck with it.

OK, thanks for the info, I was considering a pair as a second system, I guess not then.

What is the problem in returning them to the seller and be done with it? If it is a defective product, act on that.

I went back to the store Where I purchased them and I explained the problem and they just raised eyebrows. They checked it in store and it was playing fine with a sub. So They didn’t believe me. So I said fine come to my home and test it out for yourself and tell me where I’m going wrong. The owner agreed and came over and he could see it for himself so he apologised and offered a refund. He also mentioned there’s a tech for these speakers and if I like he can come out. I agreed for the tech to come out and double check things because I’m on a budget and the kef lsx is one of the top active speakers I can afford.

Anyways. In the shop I notice the guy that was testing it had an android phone so I though maybe it’s iOS app that’s playing up. Luckily I have an android tablet. So I factory reset the speakers I downloaded the kef control app on the tablet and BOOM it worked! After all that it’s the iOS version that was causing all the issue. Although the android version isn’t great either but it does the job.


The iOS version of KEF control app was causing all the issue. Speakers are working now with an android device to control the app. There great speakers when they work. So far so good it seems much more stable. Thought I would let you know in case you change your mind.


@Amin_Tah As I type, I am listening to a pair attached to my computer. They have been faultless and sound really impressive.

So, in summary?

I love these threads as most boil down to
Crap apps
User error

That’s oftentimes the case. Two more cents: I use a pair of LSX with Kube in the home office, using Roon, Airplay & Spotify over WiFi and using iOS apps exclusively – without as much as a hiccup.

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My post wasn’t about the quality of the speakers. It’s about KEF control app not working which the speakers are reluctant to it. So it makes it a bad product if the only way to tune the speakers is through the app which didn’t work. However after days of troubleshooting it happens the iOS version of the KEF app was half of the problem. I switched to an android device downloaded the KEF app and it seem to work not the best but much more stable.

And I agree they do sound superior.

Has someone found out if the app-settings are transferred to the LSX or do you have to have the app open for the app-EQ to work and thus play music via the app?
My first take on this seems to indicate that playback via Roon the app eq settings are not engaged, but via DLNA inside app, the eq settings are engaged….(?)
This indicate that the eq set in app is not transferred to the LSX!

These speakers are way to complicated to setup using their 3 apps. I tried all kinds of things without success. Optical never worked. Speakers disconnected and buffered. Love the way they sound but they never stay connected. They should copy Sonos which makes setup a breeze.

I have to concur that LSX are the most overrated junk. I bought the mini ones to try replace some small vaf’s from Australia in my office for general PC listening. They sounded like a sound bar, complete junk for 1500 bucks. Made hi pitched ringing sounds from the class D amps that was audible from 1 meter and the setup/app etc. was buggy as anything. I work in IT consulting and found it cumbersome, not a tech noob.

I do not understand why they get rave reviews other than people being shills for the company on youtube. They cannot hold up at all compared to similar priced traditional 2 channel system and basic dac.

Essentially you are paying for app development and funky design looks (thats about 1k of the cost) then you pay 500$ for ■■■■■■ speakers, class D amp etc.

returned mine, never again.

I had the exact same question. The speakers should retain the settings regardless of the app being present or not. If you’re not using android device for the app I highly recommend you making the switch. I was using iOS and had many issues for the Speakers to synchronise the EQ and retaining them. The android version of KEF control app is much stable.

Tell me about it. What’s the point of high end speakers when it’s reluctant to an app which has had many issues. On the positive side KEF control app is much stable on android device. I highly recommend you making the switch and resetting the speakers, only if you’re not using android already.

Are you using iOS or android for KEF control app?

I had many issues using the iOS version app. I switched to android (make sure to reset the speakers and set them up again) and it’s been pretty stable.

No, I have IOS phone. Why would I buy android just to use a speaker hahah.

Thats not my problem, it’s KEF’s devs just being bad.