Most Played Albums: Not Accurate?

Am I the only one that has what seem to be pretty dodgy results when I sort “My Albums” “By Most Played”?

I am unclear as to how it could be as wrong as it appears. When sorted by most listened to → least, things near the top are records I have listened to perhaps once. Likewise, when sorted least → most, albums I have listened to 3 or 4 times are shown. In all cases, it just doesn’t seem accurate.

FWIW - I use ROCK on a Roon-spec NUC, with it and all endpoints connected via Ethernet.

It’s completely correct for me, FWIW. Also ROCK.

Sorting by least of course means at least once (as in „started playing at least once“). So that seems correct in your case, if you say „records I have listened to perhaps once“.

No idea why „most“ is wrong. Is it the same kind of wrong in Home > Your top albums?

They are both the same for me and both correct. However, I have version grouping enabled, so in My Albums the top album is Purge & Slouch because it is a summary of listening to all versions of this album:

While in the stats it is not at the top because the stats show the different versions separately, so individually they end up a bit further down: